Friday, February 17, 2012

Fetal Friday: 38 Weeks

The end is near, people.  In fact, the end could come at any moment, now!  The whole "any moment" thing is the hardest to grasp.  Think about other major life changes (new jobs, moving - cities or houses, graduations, marriages, divorces, etc.) - all of these things have an exact day they'll happen.  Not that there isn't a lot of build up and prep before the event, but at least there's a specific day when you know the thing will happen.

Well, when you don't know when the thing will happen, you're constantly on edge thinking about it.  It consumes your mind in the same way the other events do, but there's an additional level of anxiety/anxiousness on top of the usual, because you have no idea about timing.  (I've also found my social calendar booking up as I try to have lunches/get-togethers with girlfriends before the big day.)

Here we are, 38 weeks...

How Big Is Baby?
I keep forgetting to ask the doctor if she has any idea!  I think at this point we'll assume 6-9 pounds and 19-22 inches long.

Still feeling really good for the most part.  It's just hard to get around (and do stuff like bend over) with this huge, hard belly.  And my stuffy nose is driving me crazy!  I've also started to have a lot of period-like cramping (non-painful) and a few contractions (where my stomach has tightened up [also not painful]), which the doctor says is good.

Weight Gain
Down one pound this week.  Total gain: 26 pounds.  (And she says some weight loss at the end is fine and most likely due to fluctuating water weight.)

I only walked once this week, but I think I may hang back a little on the walking for the time being so as to not bring on any contractions.

I tried to get a lot of protein and eat healthful stuff (to balance out all the chocolates and the cupcake I had for Valentine's Day).

Dr's Appointment
It went well - all is still looking a-ok.  I'm dilated about 1+ (not quite 2), effaced about 70%, and the baby's sitting at about -2 station - all good things!  This was actually my last appointment with MY doctor (since there were some scheduling issues - and when I went to resolve them, my doctor didn't have any more appointments).  So the next two weeks (if I make it that far) will be with two other doctors in the practice.  Since it was our last time meeting together, we sat down and really hashed out my staying-at-home/when-to-go-to-the-hospital plan so Jonathan can stop having nightmares about delivering the baby in the car.  We also set up an induction for March 6th, which will hopefully not happen.

What I'm Looking Forward To
-Getting my hur did this weekend.  (And maybe getting a pedicure??)
-Hopefully reading at least one non-baby book (on my Kindle!) before the babe is born.
-Enjoying our last days as a family of two three (Hank).

Preparations and Decisions Being Made
We're pretty darn prepared, I think.  Not that one is ever really, really prepared - but in terms of getting stuff ready and having the gear we need at the moment, it seems like we're there(ish).  Mental preparation is another story...

General Mentality
I've had a bit of anxiety this week.  It's the waiting/not knowing.  I also had one emotional breakdown thinking about how life will never again be like it is right now.  (And I know, I know, it will be for the better - but it's still scary to trust that since I've only ever known this.)  I'm excited to have a little baby, though.  (I'm just also scared OUT OF MY MIND!  Ha.)

Oh this big, old belly.  Imagine trying to roll over in bed - not easy.

From the front:

And from the side:

Have a glorious weekend!  Anyone else get Monday off?  Just me?  What's that - you hate me?


Tippy said...

Almost there!! Looking really good. And so is Hank :)

Sarah said...

Aww! So excited for you. I am off Monday by choice because I'll be in Chicago this weekend. I will call you on my drive back for one last pre babe chat!