Friday, February 10, 2012

Fetal Friday: 37 Weeks

How in the world did we get to 37 weeks?  It's considered "full term" for those who don't know, which is both incredibly comforting (knowing babe will be ok whenever he/she decides to come) but also crazy (because babe can come any time now).

And also?  I just need to say it: I still feel great.  Aside from the month of tailbone pain I had back in November, this whole pregnancy has worked really well with my body.

Ok - 37 weeks - full term...

How Big Is Baby?
I think this question is now just baby-specific for every person.  What to Expect says it's the size of a watermelon: 19-22 inches, 6.5 lbs.  I forgot to ask my doctor if she had an estimate.

-Peeing all the time (including twice a night)
-super stuffy (sometimes bloody) nose
-skin stuff - an almost rosacea-like rash on my cheek
-swollen ankles and calves by the end of the day

Weight Gain
1 pound this week, total gain: 27 pounds

I walked 3 days.  Not awesome, but we had a lot of stuff going on.

We ate a ton of crap last weekend.  I need not do that on the weekends.  But I've still been pounding the protein, otherwise.

Dr's Appointments
I'm still not dilated, but am about 70-80% effaced.  The doctor said it's a good place to be right now.  I also got some lame news: I tested positive for Strep B.  (It's a test they run on pregnant women - 1 in 3 women test positive.)  When you have it, you have to get IV antibiotics when you first get to the hospital.  The reason I think this is lame is because: 1) I don't love taking antibiotics, 2) I was hoping to have nothing go into my IV at the hospital, and 3) even though the antibiotics will handle it fine, I hate that little babe is at risk of an infection.

What I'm Looking Forward To
February 22.  That's my self-imposed date where I think I can have the baby and feel set with everything going on in life right now (ie, a big meeting at work next week, Valentine's Day, a haircut on the 18th, and our church's Fat Tuesday pancake dinner - because I love pancakes and want to eat them!).  But it's not really up to me - so if baby decides to come earlier, I'll just deal with the other stuff.

Preparations and Decisions Being Made
We took our 2 natural childbirth classes, which were great.  I rented a DVD and a book on breastfeeding from the hospital's library.  I have about 20 pages left in the last natural childbirth book I'm going to read.

General Mentality
Pretty good.  I mean, you can reference my blog post from Wednesday on where my mind is right now.  But really, I feel good - not anxious in a bad way - just anxious and consumed by baby thoughts.

Here we are.  This belly is really big now.  Also, I swear I own more shirts than this one...I just didn't feel like changing when I got home.

From the front:

And from the side:

Have a wonderful weekend!

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AmyBethJames said...

If you are interested and/or if your OB approves, there is also an external flush method for protecting baby from GSB, which would mean you wouldn't have to have the antibiotic drip. I remember it being mentioned in our childbirth class, although I don't remember many of the details. Worth asking about though!