Friday, February 3, 2012

Fetal Friday: 36 Weeks

36 weeks and counting down!  We're definitely in the home stretch!

How Big is Baby?
What to Expect says baby is as big as a watermelon!  19-22 inches and 6.5 pounds.  A watermelon seems a little big for what my stomach looks like...but whatev.  The doctor estimates the babe is about 5.5 pounds - but that's just from her feeling and looking at my belly - no ultrasound or anything.

Hmm - not many you wouldn't expect: peeing all the time, some menstrual-type cramping now & then (Braxton Hicks contractions??), some back pain after standing for a long time, slightly swollen calves and ankles at the end of the day...  Also, my pregnancy stuffy/bloody nose has gotten worse the past few weeks - I'm sooooo ready to be able to breath again!  But, this week I rediscovered the beauty of "Breath-Right Strips," which we had in our medicine cabinet.  They're definitely making my nighttime stuffiness better.  Also - shout out to my friend Wendy at work who saw I was complaining about teenage-like acne, so she bought me some fancy/natural acne-fighting soap!  Awes!

Weight Gain
2 pounds this week.  Total gain: 26 pounds.

I walked, at least a little bit, everyday except Wednesday, which I feel good about.  Starting today I'm going to make an effort everyday to do: a couple deep squats, kegel exercises, and some "tailor sitting."  All of these things prepare your body for labor by stretching stuff out and tightening stuff up.

I need to eat more protein, I think - so I'm working on that.  Also, I bought some fish oil tabs from the drug store.  I've been having them my whole pregnancy, but when my last bottle ran out, I never bought more.  Oops.

Dr's Appointments
It was my first cervical check, which signals the beginning of weekly visits.  The cervix isn't dilated at all, but she says it's about 50% effaced and softening, which she (and therefore me, too) felt good about. She also 100% confirmed (through checking the cerv) that the baby is head down - woo hoo!

What I'm Looking Forward To
We have our two natural childbirth classes this week - one tonight and one Tuesday.

Preparations Decisions Being Made
I'm trying to figure out what to do with the items remaining on our registries...  We have giftcards at both places (since we had that giftcard-only shower), so it's not a money issue.  It's more like, "should I go ahead and cash in our 10% completion discount now, or wait until after baby is born?"  I know stuff will be really hectic after baby is born, so that makes me want to do it now.  But at the same time, what if there's something I NEEEEED after baby's born that I'm not thinking about now.  (Well, I guess in that case, we'd just buy it without the 10% discount - but come on - I love any kind of coupon code!)

General Mentality
This sounds totally silly, but I'm constantly thinking about my water breaking.  Fun fact: only 10% of labors begin with the water breaking.  (Hello Hollywood dramatics, giving us a false impression of labor.)  But still, I keep wondering if I'll be that 10% and will have my waters break before I have any other kind of symptom.  I guess my doctor's visit helped calm that fear a little (even though someone can go from no dilation to full-on labor in hours, but whatev).

Forgot to put one up last week.  Whoops!  Here we are from the front (this is after a long walk with Hank on a 70-degree February day):

And the side:

Have a lovely weekend!


jessicakamrath said...

You look great! I can't believe you're 36 weeks already! I've loved following your pregnancy and can't wait to "meet" your little one!

LB said...

You look awesome!! Can't believe you're officially in the home step: BABY!!!! Are you going to get a pool going for baby's birthdate, weight, etc?!

katie said...


come on, baby! i want to meet you!

Sarah said...

So excited to meet baby to be! When I didn't see a blog post this morning I immediately wondered if you were in labor. :)