Thursday, February 9, 2012

2 Interesting Things...

I had two sort of "interesting" things happen lately.  ("Interesting" because I'm not really sure they're that...maybe "neat"  or "cool?")  But whatev...

1) Two weeks ago on Sunday, I was at Whole Foods for our weekly grocery shopping.  In addition to our normal stuff, we were having Jonathan's parents to dinner that night for his dad's birthday, so I was getting all that stuff, too.  On our dinner menu was flank steak.  Please note, I don't eat steak and haven't for awhile.  And back when I did eat steak, I wasn't cooking for myself, so when it comes to different cuts or types of beef, I'm somewhat clueless aside from the obvious (filet mignon, t-bone, ha).

I talked to the super sweet, always helpful butcher about how much I needed for four servings.  After some chatting about marinade and cooking options, he cut the meat to the amount we determined, wrapped it, and handed it over.  When I was checking out, I noticed the steak cost $54!  Wow!  I thought that seemed high, but at the same time, I knew we were having a special dinner for Charlie's birthday, so I figured Jonathan just wanted to go all out.  His parents are constantly cooking for us, helping us with stuff, taking us out to eat, etc., so in the grand scheme of things, I could see why Jonathan asked for an expensive cut.

Well, then I got home and said something along the lines of, "no pressure on you to cook the meat well or anything, given it was $54."  And he was like, "um, whaaaat?"  When we pulled out the package, they had charged us for beef tenderloin, not flank steak - a difference of like $25/pound.  We called the store and they said to bring the receipt next week and they'd reimburse us.

So this past Sunday, I was back with the old receipt in hand, the ring-up from the meat counter, and a picture on my phone of the flank steak.  The woman at customer service was super apologetic, didn't spend all that much time looking through the stuff I brought, and just said, "we'll refund you since it was our mistake - sorry about that!"  So she refunded the $54 and didn't charge us at all for the flank steak.

It might sound dumb, but I was really impressed with the customer service.  I can't help wondering if the same thing had happened at the local Kroger if the return would have been met with, a) such ease, but b) such kindness.  There was no arguing or hasseling, she just accepted the mistake and resolved to have a happy customer at the end.  Good job, Whole Foods!

And 2) Since I've been pregnant, I've been wearing a winter coat from a couple years ago.  It's not maternity, but it's cut in an a-line, so it's worked for me this whole time.  (Note: maternity clothes score!  Those maternity winter coats are expensive.)

The coat is winter white, so it's gotten ridiculously dirty this winter.  But since I don't have another coat that fits, I can't take it to the drycleaner or else I won't have a coat!  Luckily, the weather took this crazy turn for the warm, so I dropped it at the cleaners last week.

When I got home and put it on, promptly, a button snapped off.  But it's not the whole button - basically these buttons have a base, and then on top of the base is the decorative button - so the decorative part popped off.  I just popped it back on and went through all the other ones and tried to push them down to secure them more.

Well, the next day I left work in the morning to go to an appointment and when I got in the car, I saw that another one had popped off.  But this time it was problematic because I didn't know where it went.  I was somewhat bummed (especially because, as I said, I have no other coat that fits, so decorative button or not, I'll be wearing this one for the rest of the winter).

When I got back to the parking lot at work, I was walking into the building and happened to glance down and see a small white circle.  When I picked it up - it was the button!  In my huge work parking lot, I found a tiny, little button topper!  What luck!

So yeah - two sort of random things - but both really made my day!

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LB said...

Haha, I like posts like this. They make me feel like I'm still on Rosemary lane :)