Thursday, January 5, 2012

What's Been Getting Done Around Hur

As I mentioned before Christmas, I had a ton of vacation time to take in December before the year end.  And quite literally, most of those days were spent doing stuff that needed to be done.  There was only one day, really, when I just sort of hung out and made cookies and got a massage.  All the other days, I was getting 'er done.

(As a quick side note, I'm not sure I've mentioned on the blog why I think having a baby at the end of February is the perfect time of year to have one.  There are a million reasons.  To name a few: 1) not huge and pregnant in any nasty summer heat; 2) the cold weather discourages swelling; 3) the kid's birthday isn't too close to Christmas; 4) good months to be on maternity leave; 5) leggings; 6) Thanksgiving and Christmas and you're not that concerned about calories; 7) not wearing a swimsuit; 8) no reason to shave legs on a regular basis (because trust me, it becomes difficult); 9) and finally, time off work around the holidays to get the nursery ready.)

Anyway, rant over.  Point number 9: time off work to get baby-related stuff done around the holidays.  I know a lot of people probably get baby stuff done sooner than their 7th month, but I actually enjoyed waiting until then.  It was late enough that a miscarriage was probably out of the cards, but pre-term labor was still a risk that seemed farther out.

So...what did we get done?  (This was not just done by me - Jonathan worked hard after work and on the weekends, as well.)

-We cleaned out the office.  This included getting rid of a lot of junk and organizing the rest of the stuff.  We had to clear out two desks (moving one to storage and one to another bedroom).  We had to clear out a few of the built-in bookshelves (one side that contained Jonathan's extensive cd collection, which needed to be sorted and stored).  There was a large garbage pile at the end in addition to a more organized system for storing the stuff we need.
-We used two coats of primer and two coats of color to bring the room from hunter green to light grey-ish blue.
-We had the carpets cleaned in the nursery and in the hallway (the area of the house with carpet).
-We bought a used dresser to have in the nursery and use as a changing table.  We painted it, which isn't that big of a deal except it's made of wicker and we used normal paint on it (vs. spray paint) in an effort to save $$.  Have you ever painted wicker?  I don't recommend it.  It took days.
-We painted another little side table to put next to the dresser.
-We created our baby bedding (by choosing fabrics and a pattern) and ordered it.  (Actually, it was a Christmas present from my dad.)
-We set up the crib, which we got from my sister in law, and then put the bedding on it.
-We ordered the glider and ottoman, gifts from my mom, which will arrive this coming week.
-We washed all the baby clothes we have in the free & clear detergent and got them put away in the dresser.
-We cleaned our bedroom.  And switched out the tv that used to be in the office with the bedroom tv.  (We don't really watch tv in our bedroom, but we have one in there anyway.)
-We set up our desktop computer in the guest bedroom, which now functions as a crowded quasi-office.

And so what do we have now?

A nursery set up in our house!  A new office space.  A pretty clean and organized house.  And a happy, nesting momma-to-be.

I'll definitely show pictures of the nursery on the blog at some point, but it's not decorated yet.  And actually, I'm debating if I should hold off on the decorating until after baby is born, because if s(he) is a she, I might want to throw some girly-ish things on the walls.  To be decided...


Jonathan said...

Also, in preparation for our baby-to-be, Hankdog decided to stroll into the house last night with some poop in his mouth to munch on. Jackie screamed, Hank laid the poop down and went outside. Numerous gagging sounds later, the poop was disposed of by Jackie. Hopefully baby McCrary won't eat his/her own poop, because the gagging sounds were almost contagious.

LB said...

I have so many comments:
1) You're going to have a lot more poop stories in a few months.
2) I've always thought this would be the perfect time to be super preggo as well.
3) Is J going to digitize his music and ditch the CDs?
4) Dying to see the fabric you chose.
5) Assuming you're not going to do too much gender-specific stuff, maybe you could decorate most of the nursery now and then leave yourself one area to put more gender-oriented things. Then if decorating falls to the wayside post-Baby M's arrival, at least the majority of it would be done?
6) I can't believe you've already cleaned & organized the baby clothes! You seriously got so much done over the last few weeks. Awesome!

Jackie said...

Jonathan HAS digitized his music, he's just not quite ready to throw away the 10 boxes of cds...

And when I say I washed "all the clothes," I guess I should mention that just a few onesies and some hand-me-downs from Ellen. We're planning to get a lot of stuff after baby's born & we know the sex.