Monday, January 30, 2012


Even though my weekend wasn't jammed full of events, it was still lovely.  Actually, I'll say the weather probably contributed to this.  Memphis winter weather has been insane this year: it was in the 50s and sunny this weekend, and then this week, temps are predicted to be in the low 60s moving into the high 60s!  When I told Jonathan that, he said, "that's air conditioning weather."  Not quite...but close.  I keep wondering if February will plummet us back to winter.  We'll see.

Anyway - weekend events:

1) Friday night book club at my house!  We don't usually do weekend nights, but with scheduling issues, we decided to test it out.  It was great!  We all agreed that Friday nights are usually spent on the couch catching up on the DVR and/or going to bed early, so it was fun to have a low-key, but fun event for the night.

2) Organizing and errands on Saturday.  Jonathan had a work retreat, so I tried to get a bunch of stuff done.

3) Dinner at the pizza bar at Boscos on Saturday night.  I needed a portabello club and sweet potato fries.  Needed.

4) Church, errands, general Sunday-ness on Sunday.  But also Jonathan's parents over for dinner for his dad's birthday.  I like having dinner with them Sunday nights (even more so if they have us over, ha) because it sort of forces us to get stuff done earlier in the day and then by the time they leave/we get home, we're done with all our stuff that needed to get done.

I feel quite pleased with everything we accomplished - a good weekend!  I hope you guys enjoyed yours, as well!

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