Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Some Randoms

1) I think I might have a mild obsession with looking at baby clothes online.  I love it!  And it's especially fun since we don't know the sex, so it's a little game to look at the "boy" and "girl" clothes and determine which ones are neutral enough for the other gender.  Also, seeing these cute little clothes makes me want to have a little baby to put them in.

2) I never really recapped the rest of my weekend with Katie & Lb in town (aside from the shower).  It was definitely more low key than our "normal" weekend-long visits, but not worse, I didn't think.  We ate some delicious food: 3 Angel's Diner, Cortona, Central BBQ, King Cake (brought by Katie), and leftover shower food.  We watched the Saints game at my house (sad) and then watched the breakdown of Tebow while at a bar.  We colored in the rest of the letter project.  We bummed around on the couch a little.  We went for a walk in the neighborhood (sadly they left Sunday because Monday the temp was 70 degrees or something absurd).  And just generally, we chatted a lot, laughed a lot, and enjoyed each other's company.

3) I've been working on my "birth plan" to take to my doctor's appointment on Thursday.  I want her to look it over and decide if I need to add anything or take anything off.

4) Our glider and ottoman arrived for the nursery this weekend!  They're sooo comfy and cute!

5) On that note, do any moms reading this have thoughts on scotch guarding the rocker?  Did you scotch guard yours?  And also, does anyone in general know if chenille is a fabric that wouldn't be affected by scotch guard?  It's so soft and comfy right now - I don't want to mess that up.  But also, an enormous stain of puke or poop would potentially mess it up even more...  A lot of questions here, people.

6) I'm really into clementine "cuties" right now.  Mmm.

7) With all the talk around my office about who will potentially move forward with the new company and who will lose his job, I think there's a lot of Survivor-esque wheeling and dealing going on.  Like, people agreeing to "team" up, but then also talking with other people.  And/or being completely prepared to ditch the "team" if need be.  It's turning into a floor of closed-door conversations and low tones.  Since I vowed to keep a good attitude about the whole thing, the atmosphere around here is actually pretty amusing.

8) Yay for my mom - she's turning in her PhD dissertation today (a month & a half ahead of schedule, at that!).

9) We went on a tour of the hospital where I'll deliver the baby last night.  It's really nice.

10) Anyone have an idea what I can get my dad for his birthday?  He's officially the most difficult person I know to shop for...

This is a pretty random post.  Happy hump day!

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LB said...

Can't wait to hear how the birth plan appt goes (Fetal Friday?) and I want to see a picture of the glider! I bet it looks so cute!

Okay so these things might not work for Garry but here are some random thoughts:
*a Netflix subscription? We got that for Brian's dad and he loved it.

*Since he likes to throw down, you could get him those ice cubes that are rocks, so they never melt and dilute your liquor:

*a Joby Gorilla product - they have awesome mini tripods, iPad tripods, and flashlights. We have a Pod and Torch and love them: