Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Our Ohio Baby Shower!

We spent this past weekend in Ohio.  The main purpose of our trip was a baby shower thrown by my mom's BFFs on Saturday; but of course, it was also a time to see my dad & crew and visit with them for the weekend. 

(If any blog readers don't know, my dad, stepmom, half sister [age 18] and half brother [age 17] live in Ohio and I was born there.  My mom was born & raised in Ohio; we got to St. Louis because my stepdad's job was transferred when I was around 10.  Fun fact: I lived in Ohio about 10 years, St. Louis about 10 years, and now Memphis about 10 years.)

Anyway.  So we got in around 5pm on Friday and after some chitchat and catching up, we went to a cutesy Italian place for dinner.  Then we came home and watched football.  Saturday morning we just lazed around the house until it was time to get ready for the shower.  Jonathan attended, as did my stepmom and half sister.

Overall, it was a really great shower!  My mom has this big group of girlfriends from college to whom she's still really close (like, they do a girlfriend vacation every year, throw each other's kids wedding & baby showers, talk on the phone a lot, etc.).  So they were all at the shower.  And so were a couple of my mom's non-college friends who still live in Ohio; and then some of my family: my 94 year old great aunt, my aunt, and my cousin, his wife, & their 4-week old baby.  (Another random tidbit, my cousin's wife is the daughter of my mom's best college friend, who was one of the hostesses of the shower.  Is anyone confused yet?)

So this shower was really nice because for me, as the "guest of honor," there wasn't really any pressure.  Everyone wanted to know how I was doing & feeling, but for the most part, they were in town/at the shower to chitchat with each other and have girlfriend time.  So I didn't have to go around and make sure I'd put in time with everyone or make sure everyone was having fun and feeling included (except for maybe my stepmom & half sister), because it was a pretty self-sustaining group.  I think Jonathan loved it for that reason, too, but also because: 1) we didn't play shower games, and 2) my cousin was there (ie, he wasn't the only guy).  I'd say a good majority of our time was spent with cousin/wife/baby, which was great because we don't get to see them enough.

We took a ton of pictures (go us!), so here's a random sampling.  The guests were told to get us gift cards (since we'd be airplane traveling), so there were only a few non-giftcard items to open.

Before the shower at my dad's house:
Practicing with Baby Andrew:

With cousins!

Opening presents (the Raggedy Ann & Andy were handmade by my mom's friend Becky):

And finally, with my mom and our lovely hostesses:

Overall, it was a great shower!  We had a delicious sit-down luncheon with a cake for dessert that was out of this world!  And all those gift cards are most certainly going to help us complete our registries.

When we got back to my dad's house Saturday night, we went out to one of my favorite Ohio restaurants, Carsonie's, and showcased a complete, utter display of gluttony among the 6 of us.  (Carsonie's is a little hole-in-the-wall owned by family friends that has the World's best [in my opinion] stromboli.)  We got Italian "fries" to start with (deep fried pizza dough that puffs up & is then doused in parmesan cheese); chicken wings; 3 strombolis; an "elephant ear" for dessert (fried pizza dough sprinkled in cinnamon and sugar) and then 6 pieces of chocolate peanut butter pie, which were brought out by the owner.  Yeah.

Sunday was sort of lazy, for the most part.  My half sister had a big project due on Monday, so a lot of time was spent helping her prep.  Then the whole fam went to the big outdoor mall in Columbus and had lunch and walked around.  Our flight was at 5, so we went straight from there to the airport.

Overall, it was a quick, but good trip.  Our travel, thank goodness, was incredibly pain free and easy (which I was sort of worried about, given the whole 8-months pregnant thing).

We're so thankful for friends and family who want to "shower" us with love before this baby even arrives!

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Tippy said...

Is that the same cousin that lived with you girls in your old house? He looks familiar.