Tuesday, January 3, 2012

NYE 2011

New Year's Eve felt a little weird this year.  There was some juxtaposition between the fact that I'm pregnant and tired, and the fact that this was the last NYE we'd have for awhile when childcare wasn't an issue.  So part of me didn't want to do anything but go to bed at 10, and part of me wanted to enjoy this last bit of "freedom."

In the end, we decided to cook a lobster feast with another couple at their house, which was a good compromise: ie, still doing something, but nothing requiring too much energy/big crowds/expensive fixed menus/etc.  And it was a fun, chill night overall!  It was just what we needed.  (Although, I'm not sure we needed 3-pound lobsters per person!)

Here's Jeremy with the lobsters before their "bath"...and then once they were actually in.
We all had awesome head gear.  Here's Katie sporting her fashion hat.
At the table - ready to chow.

Our last New Year's Eve as a family of two.
And finally, getting c-r-a-z-y at midnight 11pm.
Yeah, you read that right.  We decided to countdown and celebrate with the East coast this year (just in case I got too tired to stay until the actual event).  Whatev - judge as you want - it didn't make the night less fun or less climactic.  And in fact, we did stay at their house past midnight by about ten minutes.

Did you guys do anything fun?  Anything legitimately crazy??


LB said...

Looks like it was fun! NYE has really changed from college, huh. I think I've officially decided to never go to another bar - house/dinner parties (or nothing?!) are just way easier and less stressful! We got back from the airport at 11:45 so I took a shower and we microwaved soup at 12:00 a.m. :) Happy new year!

katie said...

yey! our little dinner party was also laid-back and chill.

and that dress you're wearing is AWESOME! will you be able to transition it into non-pregnancy clothes, or is it cut too maternity-ish?

Jackie said...

Thanks - Jonathan bought it for me, actually! It's from Boden and I picked it out with the idea that it would work as non-maternity. It's a tunic (too short without leggings), so I'd probably wear it with skinny jeans since my navy leggings are maternity.