Wednesday, January 4, 2012

New Year, New Goals

I've been teetering back and forth about making New Year's Resolutions this year.  Generally I like the idea of setting new goals for the new year.  But it feels a little different this time since so much is going to change with the arrival of baby.

I could certainly try to set some of the classic exercise/diet-related ones - but again, it's too hard to guess what things will be like after baby.  I could say I want to lose all my pregnancy weight in a reasonable amount of time, but sine I've never had a baby before, I have no idea what my body will do after the birth.  I could make a general exercise goal like, "I will work out at least 3 times a week every week of the year," but that doesn't seem reasonable given all the unknowns.

Last year my resolution was to be nicer.  And I think to an extent, it worked well for me.  I think I'll keep that on the list.

So here we go - "the list."

1) Be nicer - especially to certain people at work.
2) Keep our marriage a priority.  I don't want us to become parents who forget they are (and were first) a married couple.
3) Make some professional growth and changes.
4) Survive and thrive.  I joke a little - but I know there will be a lot of sleepless nights and fears and worries and moments when I feel overwhelmed and unhappy.  But I know we can (and will) survive and even thrive.

I hope to remember all these in a few months (when the New Year is pushed far from the front of my mind).

What about you guys?  Did you set a new goal with the new year?


car said...

I highly recommend you add "laugh more" to your list. There are numerous health benefits, but it'll also keep you and Jonathan sane. Happy New Year!

Eleanor said...

Jackie - you look beautiful!! I am just catching up on several of your posts and you are looking "glowy" new make-up or not!! I am glad that you had a little time off to put your nesting brain at ease - I totally understand that you cannot rest until you accomplish what's on your mind! And I laughed when you said you had a bowling ball for a stomach - that's exactly how I used to describe it! Hope you are feeling well! Happy New Year!