Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Moments of Mania?

I don't know much about manic depression, so I'm certainly not trying to de-value the seriousness of it.  But I have to say, there have been a few moments in pregnancy when I experience what I imagine comes close to a mania-type state of mind.  The raging hormones, perhaps?  Basically, my mind reels and thinks up 100 things, I come up with a monster to-do list, and then just pound it out until it's done. 

(Maybe this isn't mania?  Maybe this is how a person more productive than myself lives her daily life??  Or maybe this is "nesting" to the extreme?)

Regardless, I had one of these days yesterday.  I woke up at 5 and wasn't able to go back to sleep.  But from 5 until 6:45, I sat in bed thinking about everything I needed to do.  Our week is suuuuper busy (Bible study last night, meeting with a pediatrician tonight, birth class on Thursday, and hosting book club at my house Friday), and there were certain things that needed to get done. 

So in no order, yesterday I...

- bought my dad a birthday card and mailed his present
- contacted a daycare to make sure our name was on the waiting list (it was)
- visited a different daycare and got our name on its wait list
- pre-registered at the hospital where I'll deliver the baby
- researched and bought a nursing bra online
- researched inexpensive mirrors (to buy for the nursery) and came to the brilliant conclusion that I can re-finish and use a mirror I have in my office at work - saving quite a bit of $$!
- researched and bought some wall art for the nursery
- became comfortable with the fact that we need to spend a fair amount of money to: a) fix some leaky windows in our attic (which we've known, but have been putting off); and b) need to fix one part of our roof and potentially get a new roof/re-tile the other part.
- once I arrived at this conclusion, I realized this needs to happen asap, since roofers hammering at 6am is probably not all that awesome when you have a newborn.  SO...Jonathan called some guys and I researched and found some guys, and we have two appointments set up thus far to get estimates.
- paid some bills
- read about 75 pages in our book club book (for Friday) that I hadn't started until Sunday night
- walked the dog
- cooked dinner
- went to Bible study
- and wrote this blog post!

I'd say a productive day for sure!  If only they could all be like that.

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LB said...

Holy goodness, that's a lot of stuff!!! I hope that satiated some of your stress over your to-dos! I would say I have days about 3/4 that productive once every few months when I let stuff pile up for a while and then get really stressed. However I usually lose steam once most of my list is done...doesn't sound like that happened here :)