Friday, January 27, 2012

Fetal Friday: 35 Weeks

I think going 35 whole weeks without any kind of scare or major freakout is pretty impressive, right?  So yeah, I went 35 weeks without any kind of scare or major freakout...

And then yesterday I had an "incident."

Basically, all morning I noticed less movement from baby than normal.  So around 11 I decided to eat some sugar (a pear and a piece of chocolate) and have some caffeinated coffee.  I lay down on my left side (on the floor of my office) and drank a big jug of water, expecting baby to wake up and move.  But (s)he didn't.  And when I pushed on my stomach (trying to nudge it a little to get some movement), it felt different than normal - much more squishy and I couldn't even feel the baby in there.

So I called the Dr. and left a message on the nurses' line.  Then I called Jonathan, who told me not to freak out, it would be ok, and just wait for the Dr. to call back.  Then, about one minute after we hung up, he called back and said, "come down to the lobby, I'm picking you up and we're going to the doctor."

I was in tears and having a full-on panic attack.  I imagined arriving at the doctor and being rushed into the OR to have an emergency C-section, etc.  I imagined a freak accident where the baby got tangled up in the cord and lost oxygen, etc.  It was a massive slippery slope of bad thoughts.

Anyway, once I got in the car, I asked him to drive home first since, a) I hadn't yet heard back from the Dr., and b) I needed to tinkle and didn't think I could make it out there.  In the car, I started to feel kicks. Then when we got home, I chugged a glass of orange juice (for the sugar) and lay on my left side.  Lo and behold, once we started counting kicks, we got like 50 in 2 minutes (you're supposed to feel for 10 kicks in an hour to make sure everything is ok).

So when the nurse returned my call, I was pretty calm and explained the situation.  She said we could certainly drive out there to get on the monitor if we wanted, but she said she felt pretty comfortable that all was well.  I did too.  Non crisis averted never happened.

This whole scenario probably doesn't seem that scary - but there were just these terrifying 10 minutes for me when I knew caffeine, if anything, should make the baby pep up.  And nothing happened.  And my belly felt different.  And I was just super scared.

But anyway - all that is fine now.  Hopefully no more freakouts before D-Day.

35 Weeks...

How Big Is Baby
Still the size of a large cantaloupe (mmm cantaloupe - stupid Listeria outbreak greatly limited my consumption while pregnant).  6 lbs and 19-22 inches.

Big-time mood swings and a general ornery disposition - I'm going to try to overcome the hormones and work on this, because I don't want to be a brat for the last month...  Also, my chin is broken out like a teenager.  Also, I think the baby has dropped a little because I've been having less heartburn (and am able to eat more in one sitting), and I'm starting to feel pelvic pressure, which I didn't feel before.

Weight Gain
I probably gained about 1/2 a pound this week.  When I got on the scale, it sort of wiggled between one pound up, but then landed down.  Since I don't know exactly (our scale only shows the pounds [no half pounds or ounces or anything]), we'll just say no weight gain.  Total: 24 pounds.

Trying to walk as much as I can.  Time and body permitting.

I tried hard to cut back on sweets this week and did pretty well until yesterday (which was when I ate/drank all that stuff to get the baby to move...and then we got Muddys after birth class).

Dr's Appointments
Not this week.  Next week we start weeklies.

What I'm Looking Forward To
Meeting the babe!  And if you can believe it, labor.  I might do a post on my hopes for the labor experience - but even if it doesn't go exactly as I hope, I'm still in awe of all the stuff a woman's body can do and can't wait to experience it.

Preparations / Decisions Being Made
We finally decided on a girl's name!  And in terms of prep, I think if we can get everything done this weekend that's on my to-do list, we'll be pretty much set & ready.  I really hope this happens, because it would be nice to have a month-ish for us to just be us and not freaked-out first-time parents trying to get stuff done.  Oh - and also - we finished our birthing classes last night.  Now we just have 2 more supplemental classes we're taking on natural childbirth.

General Mentality
Per the baby-moving freakout, I think you could say I have a little anxiety.  I just don't want something to go wrong with baby in these last few weeks - we've been cooking this long, I want all to be well until the end.  It seems like since (s)he is so big now, there are more ways to get hurt - like twisted up inside me or stuck in some corner of my uterus.  Deep breaths...

Um yeah...totally forgot to take a pic last night.  I'll take one this weekend and re-publish the post with it.

TGIF, guys!

(Yeah, you heard me; I say "TGIF" now.)


LB said...

Wow so my text yesterday must've been ill-timed! Sounds like a real scare - so sorry! Glad baby's coffee kicked in shortly after...

AmyBethJames said...

I wonder if he/she had moved to a new position and that's why your tummy felt different? Like if he/she normally had his back to your front, and turned around, that would definitely explain the difference! I remember those times for sure - always nerve-wracking sitting there poking and prodding and waiting to feel their little stirs! You're doing great and you're getting so close! If you have any more questions regarding natural labor, I'm happy to share my experience! And now I'm going to write another sentence and end it with another exclamation point for no reason! :)