Friday, January 20, 2012

Fetal Friday: 34 Weeks

Now that our showers are done (and we're quickly approaching the 30-days out timeline [which is when amazon and Babies R Us give us 10% off anything still left on our registries]), it's time to get real about assessing what we have/making returns/buying stuff we still need for the babe.  I'm hoping to figure this out this weekend.  I was also hoping to watch some DVDs checked out from the hospital's library - but the dumb place closes at 4 and I didn't leave my 2:30 doctor's appointment until after that!  Note to Memphis people - Baptist Women's has a nice library and they let anyone check out from there.  I'm going to hit it up asap.

Ok - on to 34 weeks...

How Big is Baby
Baby is the size of a large cantaloupe.  5.5 lbs and 19-22 inches.  Apparently the length doesn't really change anymore - most babies are born at this length.

Same.  I'm feeling pretty good.  I've actually been wondering, of late, if most women still feel this good when they're this far along, or if I'm super lucky.

Weight Gain
1 pound this week.  Total gain: 24 pounds.

A few walks.  I got a little overheated after a 40-minute treadmill session on Wednesday, so I think I might need to keep my speed/incline in check a little more.  Don't need to be a superhero at this point.

LOTS of leftover shower food, which included a fair amount of cupcakes.  Also, I had to throw away the remainder of the King Cake because I realized I would stand over it for minutes at a time cutting myself more and more slices.

Dr's Appointment
It was a good one!  She acknowledged that my appointment with Dr. Jerk was awful, unlike the practices of the group, and that she'd talk to someone about it.  Take that, Dr. J!

At this appointment I showed her my preliminary birth plan and she's all on board.  (Funny enough, the one part of the whole thing she was iffy about was "permission to eat popsicles," ha.  [This caused "iffy-ness" because she said the no-food thing is more related to an anesthesiologist than her - but hopefully we won't need one, so it won't be an issue.])  Another interesting fact I learned: apparently this far along in pregnancy, if I go into labor, they won't try to stop it.  The baby is big enough that it will most likely be fine outside of the womb, and generally, if a woman goes into labor at this point, her body is doing so because the baby needs to come out.  Weird!

What I'm Looking Forward To
I'm getting more and more excited to actually have a baby at the end.  It might seem like that would be one's mentality the whole time, but honestly, I've felt a shift the past couple weeks in my attitude toward that.  Before it was maybe the inevitable, ie, "at the end of all this, I will have a child, for better or for worse."  Whereas now it's more like, "I'm excited for the end of this, because I want to have a child."  Chalk that up as yet another example of God's perfect crafting of the whole pregnancy & birthing process - ie, let a woman carry the baby long enough to get really excited and attached (but not so long that she's resentful of the thing causing her discomfort).

Preparations and Decisions Being Made
As I said, we're getting all the needed gear sorted out.  Also - we're trying to close in on a girl's name...I'm totally back & forth, though!

General Mentality
Pretty good!  I'm still a little nervous about if I were to go into labor soon (and probably will be until 37 weeks [when baby is considered "full term"]), but it's not necessarily consuming my thoughts.

Here we are from the front (yes - I'm wearing the same shirt I wore to the shower last weekend):

And from the side:

Have a lovely weekend!

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