Friday, January 6, 2012

Fetal Friday: 32 Weeks

We're getting closer and closer!  32 weeks...

How Big Is Baby?
The size of a honeydew.  19 inches, 4.5 lbs.

General discomforts related to the size of my belly: annoying achiness in my back; heartburn at night; difficulty bending over to pick stuff up, etc.  Also, I'm not sleeping quite as awesomely as I had been, but this isn't really a negative, I don't think, because it will prep me for the babe's arrival.

Weight Gain
One pound this week.  Total gain: 22 pounds.

We've had a pretty busy week, so not as much walking as I would've liked.

I can't really eat as much as I want to.  That is, if I eat a large amount, there's too much pressure from the uterus on my stomach and the food wants to come back up.  It's a little weird, actually.

Dr's Appointment
Wow.  This could be a whole blog post in itself.  I went to the doctor on Wednesday and saw someone other than my normal doc.  (I was planning on seeing a different doctor all along, but it was awesome when I arrived on Wednesday at 9:40 and they said, "your appointment was yesterday at 9:40."  But anyway, a different guy was able to squeeze me in.) 

Basically, this was the worst doctor's appointment I've ever had because the guy I saw was an A. HOLE.  Like, if this guy is on call when I'm in labor, I might weep in the room when he walks in (and the weeping will be unrelated to the pain I'm in).  Huge jerk.  HUGE.  Some of his lovely comments (with my response thoughts in italics):

1) When I pulled out a sheet of paper with questions to ask him (which I bring to every appt.): [super cocky/condescending] "Oh.  So you're one of those patients?"  Informed?  Interested in gaining knowledge from the expensive resource [the doctor] I pay to see every few weeks?

2) When I told him I'm interested in trying for a natural childbirth:
          a) "You should probably just mentally prepare for a C-Section.  3 out of 4 first-time mothers I see end up having them."  Really??  3 out of 4?  50% above the national average?  That doesn't seem excessive or inaccurate...
          b) "You don't want a natural childbirth anyway.  Epidurals are great.  They make you less grumpy in the delivery room, which is good because then you don't end up kicking out your parents and in-laws.  Also, your hair will stay all pretty and not get messed up and sweaty."  I mean...  One, don't tell me what I do and don't want.  Two, definitely planning to have no one but Jonathan in the room.  Three, "grumpy" I guess equals going through the extremely physical task of delivering a baby?  And four - assuming I care more about the way my hair looks than the delivery experience of my first child is a condescending, generalized assumption about women that suggests to me you shouldn't be an OBGYN.

3) And finally, when I asked at what point I should be concerned if the baby hasn't turned to a head-down position: "Never.  It doesn't matter.  If the baby's breech, we'll just do a c-section.  They aren't that big a deal."  Ok.  I understand and am trying to mentally prepare that if something goes wrong in the delivery room, I will have a c-section.  I get that.  But to call them "not a big deal" again just shows me that this guy doesn't care about women or providing the best possible care.  A Cesarean is a major surgery.  It greatly impacts your first few weeks with your baby (ie, you can't drive and you can't lift anything heavy [the baby]).  Also, your body doesn't completely heal for six months!  Comparing a normal, vaginal birth to a major surgery requiring six months of recovery is absurd.

He made me really mad.  I was pretty fired up when I left the office (and maybe just got fired up again while re-thinking about it??).  Ok.  Deep breath...  Moving on.

What I'm Looking Forward To
A shower this weekend and next weekend!  And my lovely hostess friends coming in town for next weekend's!

Preparation & Decisions Being Made
All that stuff I mentioned in yesterday's post.  I guess at some point we need to get some names going for this child...  We also had our first childbirth class last night.  We didn't necessarily learn anything new, but it was still nice to be with other couples who are in the same place we are.

General Mentality
I've had a ton of anxiety this week.  Work has been crazy.  And I've started fixating on pre-term labor (the same way I fixated on miscarriage in the 1st trimester and birth defects in the 2nd).  I know this baby doesn't need stress, so I have to find a way to cooooool ouuuuuuut.

And here's our belly.  From the front:

And from the side:

I hope everyone has a glorious weekend!


Amanda said...

I cannot believe what that doctor said to you. I might have gone off on him during the appointment. No wonder you were fuming. I'll be praying he isn't on call when baby McCrary makes his/her arrival.

jessicakamrath said...

Oh my gosh Jackie! I can't believe that doctor. I had an on-call doctor who really pushed a c-section (which I ended up having). It's so unfortunate. You can always request another doctor. I wish I would have!

Tippy said...

I agree with Jessica...if he walks in on delivery day you request another doctor! The last thing you want is added stress from that A-hole being in the delivery room. Or more likely a surgical theatre since he seems set on c-sections.

Because medicine is so commercial in the US, don't forget there are review sites for doctors. :) You should leave a well written review of this doctor so future moms will know what to expect.

katie said...

ew. def request a new doctor if he's the one who shows up on delivery day...although i'm confident he won't be the one there!

and i can't wait to rub that belly!

AmyBethJames said...

Your experience with that doctor was unbelievable, and yet sadly I bet it happens to more women than we'd think. :( I would definitely complain to your regular doctor, if you feel comfortable doing so, or even to the practice manager, if there is one. They should know how their staff members are treating patients. I'm fired up on your behalf! I'm sure you've done plenty of research on your own, but there are lots of ways to help encourage baby to turn head down, if it should come to that in your final weeks. Anyway, I'll be praying that that doctor is nowhere near your delivery room and that you are surrounded by nurses and others who can ENCOURAGE and support you in giving birth!