Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Craziness of the Internets

Have you guys ever thought about the crazy vastness of the Internet's ability to teach us things?  We don't need to make this all philosophical - but essentially, anything you need to learn, you can learn it on the Internet.

The things that are really on my mind today are all the insane "teaching" videos you can watch on You Tube.  It's wild because you can pretty much learn to do anything by watching someone do it on You Tube.

Our toilet had been having some trouble flushing for the past couple weeks.  Jonathan, who isn't a super-duper, I'll-never-call-a-handyman type guy, didn't know a ton about toilet troubles.  But, after watching a couple You Tube videos, he went to Home Depot, bought what he needed, and fixed the toilet!  No problem!

Another time, our garbage disposal was messed up.  It was a serious problem because we'd put a TON of food down it, so if the food didn't get out asap, we'd not only have a clogged garbage disposal but a stinky kitchen.  We were thisclose to calling a plumber.  Instead he spent some time on You Tube - and TA DA - fixed the disposal with no trouble!

I received a Moby Wrap and an Ergo baby carrier at a shower.  They have some instructions on how you can wear them, but nothing is quite like seeing someone do it.  Hello, You Tube.  I watched a couple videos on how to tie the Moby and put the newborn in it.  And then I learned how to use the newborn insert with the Ergo to carry him/her that way, as well.  I feel 100% more comfortable (especially with the tricky Moby) actually seeing a human insert another human into it (vs. just looking at the drawings that came with the package). 

I would not have been able to do this 5 years ago - how crazy is that??

For Christmas, I got a new, fancy makeup product from my sister.  I'd read about it on some beauty blogs, which is why I asked for it, but I didn't know exactly how/where to apply it.  Luckily You Tube has loads of videos about makeup application!  Not only did I learn about my new powder, I learned how to do a smoky eye!

It's just insane.  Have you guys learned to do anything awesome via You Tube?


LB said...

You should send Patti the smoky eye video so she can cross that off her list!

Sarah said...

I used to watch a lot of recipes by Chef Jon that were You Tube videos. It was great when he was doing a cooking technique that I had never tried before. Like you said, so much easier to watch someone that just read directions. I should definitely try out the makeup application You Tube videos though, I could use some new tricks.

AmyBethJames said...

Just yesterday I learned how to attach an accessory to my stroller via youtube! The instructions that came with the box were terrible.