Monday, January 2, 2012

Christmas 2011

In the midst of everyone's new year's blog posts, I'm going to go ahead and start where I last left off - with Christmas.  Go ahead and rewind your brain a little bit - we'll get to the New Year sometime later this week.

So in our marriage, as of right now, we're in the school of "trade off" holidays with our families - that is, one family gets us for Thanksgiving and the other for Christmas, and then the following year it switches.  Well, as you might recall, we were in St. Louis at my mom's house for Thanksgiving this year, so for Christmas, we were with Jonathan's.  And that meant going to Chicago where his sister's family lives.

First off, I was a little apprehensive about the drive for many reasons - namely: 1) when we drove two years ago, it snowed pretty much the whole time and took many more hours than it should have; 2) 4 people in a car isn't the most comfortable (us and his parents); and 3) my doctor told me I needed to stop every 2 hours to walk around so as to control the risk of blood clots in the 3rd trimester - I usually don't drink anything a few hours before leaving on a roadtrip so I don't have to stop at all, so the idea of every 2 hours was foreign to me and sounded awful.

But surprisingly - the drives both there and back were fine.  We made decent time, even.  And stopping every two hours was sort of nice because we could remain hydrated in the car, knowing we'd be stopping sooner than later.

And driving aside, any other apprehensions I had about our trip ended up being non-issues (ie, having SO MANY PEOPLE packed into one house [9 if you include the kids], but it was fine; nasty weather in Chicago [because I was really scared of slipping on ice], but it was actually unseasonably warm and sunny; being physically restricted to do some things because of pregnancy and thus appearing to be the huge stick in the mud [which just didn't really happen]; and/or going insane with so much in-law time [which, again, just didn't really happen]).  So the trip was great!  It really was!

There was a fair amount of lounging around and playing with the kids.  But, more specifically we:
-went to the Botanic Gardens one night to see the Christmas lights and the train display they do every year
-had dinner at their country club
-played paddle (I was a cheerleader)
-went ice skating (again, I cheered)
-ate a ton of delicious food
-played a lot of Cranium and Whoonu
-went to see movies (Jonathan's parents took the boys [aged 9 and 7] to see Hugo; Jonathan, his sister, and brother in law saw The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo; and me and Eliza [age 4] saw Chipwrecked - yeah, you read that right)
-ate a lot of delicious desserts

But overall, it was a great time!  We got there Thursday night and left Monday morning, so the timing was good and wasn't too long.  I'd post some pictures, but we literally took zero.  Like, our camera didn't even come out of its case, which is super annoying.  (We've thus decided, moving forward, to try to remember to bring the camera with us so we can document these last few months of pregnancy.)

I hope everyone had very merry Christmases, too, and that Santa was generous (as he was to me)!

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