Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Baby Shower #3: Memphis

I'm coming off of a great weekend!  It was the last of our three baby showers and was the only one thrown by and attended by my friends (vs. my mom's).  Patti, Katie, and Lb decided awhile ago to host a Memphis shower for us, and when my mother in law heard, she also jumped on the hostess bandwagon.

Overall, it was fantastic!  I loved having so many different friends all in the same room!  (And of course, it was great to have Katie in town from New Orleans and Lb from Chicago.)

The shower was held at my in laws' house, which is awesome for entertaining.  Patti was the chef (which is appropriate, since she's definitely the best cook out of all of my friends).  And Katie and Lb are both crafty and can come up with good, interesting ideas, which definitely translated well into shower hosting.  So overall, the food was delicious and the house looked adorable!

But really.  I'm not just saying that.  The food was so good and unique: citrus salad with feta and red onion; asparagus with lemon vinaigrette; quinoa salad with avocado and veggies; croissant sandwiches with either pimento cheese or chicken salad; ginger carrot cake cupcakes; homemade fortune cookies (I mean, homemade?  come on); vegetable tartlets; veggies with blue cheese dressing served in baby food jars (baby food jars!); and Patti's homemade ketchup served over cream cheese (with crackers for dipping).  Freaking awesome.

And then there were just 1000 little details of decor that were so, so cute: little baby book titles printed on paper & mounted on a toothpick to stick into the cupcakes; baby blocks spelling things out on the food table; tissue paper flowers hanging in the window; a diaper cake; nametags that were affixed to homemade fabric flowers; layered peppermint hot cocoa mix in baby bottles as a party favor; and beautiful tulips on the food table.

And I have to mention the two "games" we played.  For the first, they read me a series of questions either about our little babe or about my childhood and I had to answer them.  Then they had answers that Jonathan had given about our babe, and definitive answers my mom had given about my own childhood.  It was fun to compare (and I'd say I did pretty well).  Then for the second "game," they set out a big box of art stuff (crayons, markers, stickers, colored pencils, etc.) and gave everyone one or two letters from the alphabet that said, for example, "A is for" and then the person had to decorate the page.  They're going to turn it into a book for baby.  Both of these were fun and a) not as competitive or dumb as some shower games tend to be, and b) more conducive to chitchat and hanging out than something more structured.  Very pleased with this portion of the shower!

Finally, we opened presents, and I was completely "showered" with tons of loot!  So thankful and blessed for sweet friends!  On the invitation, the girls told everyone to bring a book for baby, so in addition to much-needed baby gear, we also worked to build up our baby's library.  Love it!

Here are some pics...

They aren't really in any kind of order (since it's 30000x easier to upload pics that way), but you can see pretty much everything I mentioned.

Thank you again, to Patti, Katie, Lb, and Janie!  It was so much better than I even imagined (and I imagined it would be pretty nice)!

(And if you're interested, Patti has already written a little on her blog about it.  And I'm sure Lb will do the same on her blog at some point.)

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