Monday, December 5, 2011

The Weekend...

Was great!  Even better?  I'm HOME today from work!  We get a ridiculously excessive amount of vacation and sick days each year.  The sick time carries over into the next year, the vacation doesn't.  Well, I'd been saving my days because I assumed Jonathan and I would take a trip together sometime in the Fall.  Factor in baby and excessive spending on baby gear/maternity clothes/nursery preparation/etc. and we decided this might not be the best year to yacht through the Mediterranean.

So this brings us to December and I have 8 and a half vacation days to use!  Dang!  But I've got to say, I love having Mondays off.  It makes the weekend so much more pleasant.  And I'm going to take a lot of time at Christmas, so that will be nice.

Anyway, our weekend was a good one.  The weather was absolutely gorgeous on Saturday (sunny and in the mid to high 60s) and absolutely nasty on Sunday (pouring rain all day and a cold front moving in).  Here are some highlights....

1) A movie and dinner date on Friday.  We saw Hugo and ate at Casablanca.  I was a fan of Hugo - I didn't think it was the best movie I'd even seen/seen in a long time (as some people have concluded), but I thought it was a nice, inventive story and would recommend it.  Even though the 3-d made me a little naus at some points, I definitely recommend seeing it that way.  As everyone has said, the sweeping views of Paris and the train station are very cool in 3-d.

2) Marathon watching on Saturday morning.  It's always fun to go out and cheer on the runners as they pass through our neighborhood.  Also, and I don't know if this will embarrass her, but I've got to shout out to Patti.  This was her 4th marathon, I think, and all the other times she's run, her time has been just north of 4 hours (as in, 4:04, 4:01, 4:03 - just a couple minutes over).  Well, this year she decided to beat that stupid 4 hour mark and trained hard to be speedier.  The outcome??  She ran it in 3:41!!  Insane and awesome!

3) Lunch with a sweet friend and her adorable new baby post-marathon on Saturday.  So nice to catch up and to hear about the first few months with a baby.

4) Lots of activity (without any tailbone pain).  I went for a couple long walks, raked some leaves, put away the baby presents, did 5 loads of laundry - it was great!  (Note, Jonathan assisted with all this stuff - I wasn't out there raking alone!)

5) Finally put the duvet on our bed.  Our weather has been so weird that we hadn't switched out our summer quilt yet (and were instead supplementing it with extra blankets at night).  It was finally time to take the plunge this weekend.

6) The SEC championship game - geaux Tigers!

7) A concert of Christmas carols at 2nd Pres followed by dinner at my in-laws' house on Sunday.  I freaking love some good choir music, and this one was great!

All in all, a great weekend - productive and fun.  And even better - it's a three-day weekend!  Today is my oyster...

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