Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Sleepy Time

Awhile ago, I first mentioned my inability to sleep on the blog.  And then I followed that up with some improvements that had been made in my sleeping.  And while those improvements were wonderful, I still wasn't a great sleeper.  I'd wake up multiple times a night, couldn't get comfortable, never slept deeply, etc.

THEN I got pregnant.  And for whatever reason, I've become an awesome sleeper!  I sleep deeply and usually only wake up once or twice a night (once for the mandatory bathroom break).  And I must say, it's awesome!  When you sleep well at night, you aren't tired during the day.  You aren't all that tired in the mornings when your alarm goes off.  You don't need to sleep in on the weekends (although I usually sleep until 7:30/8, which is slightly later than during the work week).  And when you sleep well at night (and generally go to bed around the same time/wake up at the same time) your body functions really well because it's well rested and adjusted to a rhythm.

But all this to say, in a couple months when we have a newborn, I will not be sleeping well.  I'll potentially be up every couple hours (if not every hour for awhile) and will be forced to nap (which I hate doing).  And when I'm not up at night actually doing something for the baby (feeding, changing, soothing, etc.), I'll potentially be in a light state of sleep, making sure the baby monitor alarm that detects lack of movement isn't going off.

And I'm totally fine with this.  It's part of the agreement you make when you decide to be parents: "I will be sleep deprived for the next couple of years."  But the thing that sort of sucks about it all?  I'm FINALLY sleeping well now, so when we first bring baby home, it's going to be a big shock to my system.  Had I brought a baby home in February 2010, I would've been 300000x more adjusted to poor sleeping and multiple middle-of-the-night wake up calls.

Such is life, I know.  But every morning when I wake up in our dark room under the warm covers, I think about how happy I am to be in our big comfy bed.  It's such a lovely cocoon of relaxation and warmth...

I'm going to enjoy it while I have it.  (And who knows, everyone complains about sleeping in the 3rd trimester, maybe I'll have a complete 180 and start sleeping really poorly before baby comes.  We'll see.)

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