Monday, December 12, 2011

Great Weekend!

This past weekend was one of my favorites I've had in awhile.  It was super fun and super productive - and both of those things make me happy!  (Also note, I'm home today from work and will also be home Friday, so my 3-day week is looking pretty good as well.)


1) Friday night.  I went with some girlfriends to a new restaurant on South Main, Rizzo's Diner (which was delish & I'll definitely go back), and then we all went to the Canon Center to see Handel's Messiah performed.  Great company, great food, great concert - a trifecta!

2) A Saturday morning Baby Basics class at the hospital.  It was somewhat serendipitous that we were able to go because I talked to my doctor Thursday about my desire for a class on newborn care and she recommend the Baby Basics at the hospital.  For some reason, I was on the ball on Friday and just happened to look up the class online.  I saw that it's only offered once a month and there was one on Saturday, one in January when Jonathan has a work retreat, and one in February the day before my due-date.  So had we not gone this weekend, we wouldn't have been able to go at all.  I love it when stuff works out like that!  Anyway - the class was fantastic.  I feel 3000x more prepared and the nurses who ran it did a great job making it engaging and interesting.

3) Lunch at the Mexican Deli - mmm.

4) Lots of cleaning of the office/nursery on Saturday and Sunday.  We were going to move the enormous desk into the guest room Sunday, but instead, after some calculations, we determined it wouldn't fit through the door.  So we're going to move it next weekend to a friend's office building, who kindly said we could store it there.  And we moved another, slightly smaller desk into the guest room.  So an amended note to future guests: that room is still pretty tight, but not as tight as it would be with the massive desk.

5) A trip to the dog park on Saturday.

6) Dinner with some dear friends who live in Jackson, TN during the week and Memphis on the weekends.

7) Procurement of a small dresser we're going to use in the nursery (and put a changing pad on top).  My project for today is to paint it white.

8) 1.5 Christmas movies watched this weekend!  We watched Elf on Sunday night, and half of the tv version of Christmas Vacation on Saturday night when we got home.

9) Massive consumption of eggnog and peppermint ice cream.

10) Disposal of the pumpkins on the porch & a replacement of the Fall wreath with the Christmas one.

And, to keep it real, so you know my life isn't all sunshine and rainbows, an un-highlight of the weekend: I went to get new running shoes (because mine were done-zo) and the guy fitted me in a half size bigger than I had before.  I don't want my feet to grow in pregnancy!  I already wore a size bigger in athletic shoes than normal shoes, so these new ones look like boats!  Thankfully none of my non-athletic shoes are fitting oddly as of yet.

I hope everyone had a good weekend, too!

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LB said...

oooh what'd you learn at that class? glad you got in!! also Elf + eggnog sounds like someone's getting in the Christmas spirit...