Friday, December 16, 2011

Fetal Friday: 29 Weeks

Ok, yeah.  I realize it's pretty lame to only post a couple times this week and then throw up a Fetal Friday (since, when scrolling through the blog, there was just a FF post a couple down).  But whatev.  I'll try to blog better next week* when I'm not so busy.
*Does everyone realize next week is the week of Christmas??  That sort of boggles my mind.

Anyway - 29 weeks...

How Big Is Baby?
The size of a butternut squash (mmm): 17 inches, 3.1 lbs.

None really, this week, other than the nightly heartburn.  I was SO MAD on Tuesday night because I went to sleep with my "heartburn pillow" (it's an extra one I put under my normal ones so I'm more propped up).  Usually, when I wake up in the middle of the night to tinkle, I can discard the heartburn pillow when I get back because I don't need it anymore.  Well, I was super thirsty, so I drank a few swigs of water from my water bottle.  And then when I got back in bed (sans extra propping), all that water started to come right back up, so I had to use the dumb pillow for the whole night.  Water consumption fail.

Weight Gain
Up two pounds this week.  Total gain: 19 pounds.

As much walking as I could get in, given my sched; it was in the 60s this week (in December - I know!), so Hank and I took a few walks outside.

I've been trying to eat more protein (which is important in the 3rd tri, apparently) and drink more milk (since calcium is huge for baby right now).  Note: I've changed this section from "Aversions/Cravings" because I'm pretty sure those have been gone for awhile.

Dr's Appointment
No - but I heard back from the dr that I passed my glucose test, so I'm gestational diabetes free and don't need to go back for further testing.  Woo hoo!

What I'm Looking Forward To
My prenatal massage this afternoon.  Ahhh.

Preparations and Decisions Being Made
I'm not sure if this falls into this category, but after that Baby Basics class we took last weekend, I think we are preparing more mentally for life with a newborn.  I cannot say enough good things about the class!  We learned so much stuff - from super basic, to probably-won't use: how to change diapers, how to wrap a swaddle, how to bathe a newborn, umbilical stump care, feeding cues and tips, how to calm a crying baby, how to help them if they're choking, carseat tips, baby CPR, and then also what to expect with my body for the few weeks after birth.  It was golden.

General Mentality
Pretty good.  Although, I've got to say, there are a lot of hormones circulating through my body right now.  We've seen a fair amount of tears here and there that probably wouldn't be there if I weren't pregnant.

Let's talk for a second about my belly button.  I'd say it's rapidly approaching an outtie, and that makes me feel weird...  The end.

Also, I noticed at my super-crowded work Christmas party, that I can't squeeze around people like I used to because my stomach is too big!  Weird.

Here it is from the front:

And the side:

I'm all fancied up because we'd just been to a Christmas party.  Have a great weekend, guys!


LB said...

Love the outfit/hair, you look so cute! I also love that the Hank boy wanted to get in there.

Sarah said...

I agree with LB, you look so cute! Enjoy the weekend and the prenatal massage this afternoon.