Friday, December 9, 2011

Fetal Friday: 28 Weeks

The third trimester is feeling good guys!  Feeling really good!  And I have to mention (just for documentation sake) this baby is moving around like crazy!  All the time - I can feel the kicks and you can see my shirt move from the force of them.  I wonder if we'll have an active little babe once s(he)'s outside of the womb.

On to the 28th week...

How Big Is Baby
I sort of agree with Tiffany's comment from last week about these vegetable guesstimations being a little inaccurate...but suffice...this week we are a "small cabbage" at 17 inches, 2.9 pounds.

Nothing really noticeable this week other than heartburn at night, a bloody/constantly-stuffy nose (which also happens in winter when I'm not pregnant, so whatev), and some low back achy-ness (totally attributable to the large belly, I think).

Weight Gain
Just keeping it real on the blog again, guys - I was down two pounds this week.  Total gain: 17 pounds.  You're not supposed to lose weight in pregnancy, so I was slightly worried.  But the doctor says a little loss here & there is fine - the only cause for concern is if the weight is down in a consistent pattern.

Almost everyday this week!  And I'm actually able to do a reasonable walking workout, I'd say (that is, for a pregnant or non-pregnant person).  I'm enjoying this while I can in case the tailbone pain comes back.

Food Aversions / Cravings
Naaah - but boy do I love peppermint-flavored sweet treats!

Dr's Appointment
I had one yesterday.  I drank the glucose drink and had my blood drawn after an hour.  And I had the Rh+ shot in my butt.  We'll get the blood sugar results in a few days.  Everything was looking good, otherwise.

What I'm Looking Forward To
Finishing the book Amy recommended to me, The Birth Partner, so I can learn more about my options during labor and try to figure out what road I want to take with all that.

Preparations and Decisions Being Made
Nothing major.  We decided to buy a dresser someone at my work was selling to use as a changing table in the nursery.  It's blonde-colored wicker, so I plan on painting it white on one of my vacation days from work.

General Mentality
Good - except that I'm feeling incredibly unprepared for actually having a newborn.  I have no idea about things like: umbilical stump care, breastfeeding, sleeping & eating patterns, etc.  My doctor recommend a class at the hospital that covers all that stuff, so I'm going to look into it asap.

And here we are.  From the front:

And from the side:

Enjoy your weekend!

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Sarah said...

You look so cute in this week's pics! Miss you.