Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Christmas Favorites

It's almost the 25th, so if anyone's curious, here's a list of some of my Christmas faves...

-Christmas Vacation - a classic in my family
-Love Actually
-Charlie Brown Christmas
-It's A Wonderful Life - which I haven't watched in a couple of years, but used to watch every Thanksgiving in Ohio at my dad's house

-Spritzes - these are the butter cookies made from a cookie press
-Peanut butter kisses - PB cookies with a Hershey's kiss pressed in the middle
-Saltine Toffee - I made this myself for the first time this year, they're toffee- & chocolate-covered saltine crackers
-Peppermint brownies - not quite a cookie, but whatev

Other Seasonal Treats
-Peppermint bark - I can't get enough!
-Egg nog and/or egg nog-flavored things
-Peppermint ice cream and frozen yogurt
-Hot chocolate
-Warm (sometimes alcoholic) cider; "wassail" if you will
-Winter ales (as you can imagine, I didn't get to enjoy either of the last two this year)

Christmas Albums
-Charlie Brown Christmas
-Django Bells by the Gypsy Hombres
-Mariah Carey Christmas - the first one (yeah, I said it)
-Songs for Christmas (all volumes) by Sufjan Stevens
-Classical Christmas Favorites
-Christmas by Low
-The Glee Christmas Album

Individual Christmas Songs
-"Just Like Christmas" by Low
-"Song for a Winter's Night" by Sarah McLachlan
-"Baby It's Cold Outside" - all versions, really - but particularly Zooey Zeschanel and Leon Redbone
-"Please Come Home For Christmas" by Etta James
-"Joy" by George Winston (this is Jonathan's "signature song" on the piano)
-"Christmas Song" by Dave Matthews - what up high school??

What else is on your list?  My movie choices aren't that abundant - it's not that I don't like other Christmas movies (Elf, A Christmas Story, Home Alone, etc.) they just aren't my absolute favorites.


Jonathan said...

Die Hard
Die Hard 2 (die harder)
A Christmas Story
Emmett Otter's Jug Band Christmas
(I've never seen It's a Wonderful Life)

Is there a bad seasonal treat or cookie for Christmas? Oh yeah, fruitcake.

I'll add that I think that "Last Christmas" changed from a lost classic to waaaay overplayed in a milisecond. I blame Glee.

LB said...

Personally I've always hated "Last Christmas" and ONLY like the Glee version! Ha!

Also I was curious if you crossed off the Glee Christmas Album out of shame? Because it's awesome. You should cue up their Pandora station!