Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The Treadmill Saga Concludes!

I've mentioned our treadmill saga in little snippets here and there on the blog.

The short version?  Our treadmill has been broken since June; there have been numerous unsuccessful attempts to fix it.

The long version...

We had an old-ish treadmill (6+ years) that got a ton of use from Jonathan and me.  Back in the day when I was training to run 10 miles, I was doing it exclusively on the treadmill.  Often, on days when I would run, say 6 miles, Jonathan would get on after me a run a couple himself.  A lot of use.

So with this heavy mileage, the treadmill was wearing out.  Little things have broken here & there over the years, but the warranty always covered the parts and labor, and someone would come out to fix it.  Last December (2010), our original warranty ran out.  We decided to renew for another year just in case something went wrong. <------- awesome decision

In June, the tv screen on the console broke, which had become a somewhat common occurrence (it maybe happened two times in 2010).  That doesn't seem like a huge deal, but because the info about your run (ie, how fast you're going, how long you've been on, what the incline is, etc.) is projected on the screen, when it was broken, you had no idea how fast you were going or anything.

From June until now, it's been a comedy or errors trying to get it fixed.  The repairman who fixes it has probably been to our house 7-10 times.  He would come out to look at it just to figure out what parts we needed.  Then he'd have to order them and come back in the week or so after they arrived to fix it.  A couple times he came back to fix it, only to realize they sent the wrong parts or that he needed a different part.  This chain of unsuccessful repair went on for 4 months.  (Note, the whole time I've been pregnant, the treadmill has been broken.  You can imagine how annoying that was in the first trimester when it was blazing hot outside and if I wanted to get on a treadmill, I had to go to the Rhodes gym.)

In October, he came out to fix it and realized he needed another part.  When we called to place the order for it, the NordicTrack people informed us they no longer make that specific part.  Hmm.  What are we supposed to do, then?

And this is where the story gets awesome.

In a completely unpredicted move, the warranty people said since they were unable to fix our machine (which is under the warranty we extended last December), they'd give us an $1800 credit towards a new treadmill!  And when we looked online at our options, all these awesome treadmills were on SALE (like, a thousand dollars off sale).  So we picked out this sweet machine that cost just less than $1800!

The only catch?  The 1800 would only go towards the treadmill itself; delivery and set up would be paid out of pocket.  And delivery and set up?  About $350.  Lame.  Especially lame because it was a deal we didn't feel like we could pass up, but also weren't really planning for a random $350 charge in our budget.

But there was one way to avoid the charge...

Having the treadmill delivered to the front door.  Period.  This was included.  So if you then dealt with it yourself (ie, moved it inside and set it up), you would incur no charge.  And so, in a completely unexpected (to me) move, Jonathan decided this is what we'd do.  He would get it moved inside and he would set it up.  (He's not one of those men who does all his own home and car repairs, so that's why this was an unexpected move.)

Well, this past Thursday, Jonathan had two friends come over to help move the old treadmill to the curb and bring the 500 pound new machine in.  And then this past Saturday, Jonathan spent the afternoon setting up the new one!  And with no complications!

So after five months, tons of annoyance, unending calls with the warranty company, and time taken off work to meet the repairman, we now have a brand spanking new, FREE treadmill!

This makes me almost as happy as the French onion soup I ate.  I love when stuff just 100% works out in your favor.

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LB said...

Wow! I didn't expect this saga to end happily! Esp since come January, you would've either been paying for repairs or a new machine anyway! Also remember when Will had his hot tub delivered to the end of his driveway?