Monday, November 28, 2011

Our Almost-Week in St. Louis

It seems rare for an adult to get to spend an extended amount of time in his/her hometown if (s)he lives in a different city.  This has definitely been the case for me since moving to Memphis.  So when we looked at our schedules and realized we could leave for "Thanksgiving break" on Tuesday night, I jumped at the idea.  I'm not sure I've spent that much time "home" since I graduated college.

So overall, it was nice to be there for so long.  Because we weren't rushed for time, we did a ton of lounging around.  (Actually, so much so that on Friday, Jonathan and I decided to go shopping just so we could get out of the house.)  But lounging is good!  Sometimes it's hard to lounge at our own house on the weekend because there's always so much stuff that should/could get done.

And I couldn't describe the week without mentioning the eating.  Oh. My. Goodness.  We ate a lot.  For one thing, since we hosted Thanksgiving dessert at our house, there were tons of sweet treats sitting around.  Pies, cake, cookies, frozen custard, chocolates, you name it.  I think I ate more sweets in these five days than I have in my whole pregnancy.  But aside from those, there was just a lot of food in my mom's house.  She made a couple casseroles, macaroni and cheese, tuna salad, leftover Thanksgiving stuff - and it was all delicious, so we kept eating it the whole time we were there.  Phew.  I need some major detox this week.

Otherwise, here are some highlights from the week:

1) Seeing 2 movies: The Descendants and The Muppet Movie.  Both were awesome and I highly recommend!  The Descendants has "Oscar" written all over it; and the Muppets will hopefully be the beginning of another successful series about our puppet friends.

2) The baby shower on Saturday, of course!  I'll blog about that tomorrow.

3) Dinner one night with Sarah and Ryan.  We went to a quaint little Italian place and enjoyed delicious food and lovely conversation.

4) St. Louis Smoothie!  My fave!

5) My mom taking care of Hank pretty much exclusively.  She would take him on her 6+ mile walks every morning and constantly play with him and keep him entertained.  He's still pooped from the week! But I'm hoping this is a good representation of her grandparenting skills - ie, she let's mom & dad have a break!

6) Thanksgiving itself, which I already wrote about on Friday, but still.  It was great!

7) What seemed like a real breakthrough with Hank's barking on Thanksgiving night.  We knew he would freak out when all those people came over, but we handled it a little differently.  Instead of just telling him "you're ok" while petting him, I kept him sort of locked between my legs when they first arrived and kept telling him "no" when he would start his growl/bark.  By the end of the night, when we were all playing games, he was sitting with the whole group, not barking, and letting other people pet him.

8) Warm weather!  It was shocking and lovely!

Overall, it was great to be there and I think my mom loved it, too!  I hope everyone enjoyed their whole Thanksgiving week and/or weekend.  Back to the grind, I guess...


Sarah said...

Here's a strong affirmation for # 2- #4. St. Louis Smoothie always makes me think of you, funny. Great to see you!

LB said...

Can't wait to hear about the shower!