Wednesday, November 2, 2011

New Loves

I've had a couple mini-blog topics circulating my head lately where I tell you about cool new stuff I've encountered.  But nothing was really worthy of its own post.  Well, genius that I am, I decided I could do one big post with all the stuff in it I've been wanting to tell you about.

So, these are some of my new loves...

1)  This awesome guy:

Maybe it's crazy, but I haven't had a public library card since I was in college when I kept a book months past due and never went back because my college budget couldn't afford the late fine.  But I figured since I'm at the library all the time now for Facing History, I should have a card!  I haven't yet checked anything out - but I definitely will soon.  I perused the books on tape before my trip to St. Louis, but went in the audio room on a whim, and sort of froze when there were hundreds of options and ended up unable to make a decision.  Next time.  I think this will be a great resource for all the random pregnancy books and movies we don't want to buy.

2) This yogurt... the best I've ever had.  Literally.  They've just started selling it at our Whole Foods.  It's an Atlanta-based company and it's slowly branching out to other cities (starting in the South).  Everything about the yogurt is awesome: great flavors (my favorites are Ginger Peach, Tropical Sweet Heat [mango, pineapple, and habanero flavored], and Port Wine Cherry); wonderful texture; and good nutritional stats.  It's a little pricey, but I highly recommend (Jonathan and I have been buying  ~10 per week because we're both obsessed).

3) A new necklace!  (Please ignore the creepy face in the picture - after about 5 attempts to take a better one, I got frustrated.)

I got this at the high-end consignment shop that was part of the maternity re-sale store I went to in St. Louis.  "High-end" as in, there was a Chanel section, a Prada section, St. John, etc., but the jewelry was reasonably priced.  And I just love this necklace!  I like that it's gold and silver and that there are 2 different lengths.  I've already worn it three times!

4) This bread

I had it last time I was visiting my mom in St. Louis and had to buy some to bring back to Memphis.  This past weekend, I replenished our supply (they sell it in handy 2 packs at Sam's Club).  It's absolutely delicious!  It's not sold in Memphis, but in other cities, it's definitely at Sam's Club and Trader Joes (and probably other places).  Yum!  I've been having buttered toast as an after-work snack!

5) And perhaps most exciting, I'm now the proud owner of...

...a Clarisonic Mia!!  Have you guys heard about these Clarisonic cleaners?  They are "skin cleansing systems" that offer tons of benefits to your skin care routine.  They clean 6x better than using soap & hands alone.  They also boast to reduce the size of your pores, open your skin to better receive creams and serums, and reduce the appearance of fine lines.  I haven't tried this myself, but a lot of people have tested the "6x better cleaning" thing by washing their face as normal, and then when they're done and rinsed, using the Clarisonic to see if anything's left, and they find all this remaining makeup residue.

Anyway - just a little consumerism to brighten your Wednesday!  Check this stuff out if you have a chance!


Sarah said...

I absolutely love the public library. When I moved into my condo a few years ago I found there were two branches within walking distance of my place. I don't know if the Memphis branch has this option, but my favorite thing to do is request books I've been meaning to read online and then I get an email once the book makes it to my branch and I go pick it up. It sort of prevents that overload feeling you discussed. Happy reading!

LB said...

The library is awesome! Saves you a lot of money on book club books :) Do you have an e-reader? Now you can "check out" copies from libraries everywhere - pretty awesome.

Also please report back about the face washer. I'm interested!!!