Monday, November 21, 2011

Lazy Weekend

Man, there's something about cloudy/rainy days that make it nearly impossible to accomplish anything.  Case in point: I stayed in my "lounge clothes" until about 2 yesterday.  We decided early on we weren't going to church, and our productivity went steadily down from there.  I was excited, though, because there was a 2-hour Food Network Thanksgiving show where people called in and asked questions to the FN chefs.  I'd been complaining the network wasn't airing any of its classic T'giving shows (Lets Talk Turkey, Dear Food Network Thanksgiving), so this sort of fulfilled that desire for me.

The rest of our weekend was pretty low key as well.  We stayed in Friday.  Took Hank to the groomer on Saturday (and I've got to say, he's now super snuggly and soft, and smells good and his hair isn't so shaggy).  I went to prenatal yoga.  Then Saturday night we went to dinner with friends and went to see TWILIGHT!

Overall, I'd say the movie fulfilled for me what I was hoping it would.  I wasn't expecting a Best Picture with a bunch of Best Actor/Best Adapted Screenplay moments - and so, I'd say my expectations were met.  My favorite aspect of the books was the love story - plain and simple.  (And of course, I see the flaws all the feminists point out - but whatev - for myself as a reader, I'm happy to read about unrealistic and obsessive teenage love.  If I had a daughter, it might be different.  But I don't.)  So anyway, this movie focused a ton on the love story, which was fun for me.  The guys complained at the end of the film that "nothing happened."  And I guess if you went into it expecting something as action-packed as the previous one (#3), you'd be disappointed.  But Book Four focused a lot on their wedding and their honeymoon, so the movie felt authentic to the book in that way.

Go see it if you're into the whole movie franchise.  If not - DON'T GO.  Ha.  This isn't a "must-see" for everyone on the planet.

Anyway, as I said, Sunday was pretty lazy.  I ventured to Old Navy where I bought some fake Ugg boots for $15 (to wear to yoga in the winter) and some baby onesies!  And then Sunday night was an incredibly fun night I'll blog about tomorrow!

I hope you guys had good weekends, too.  I'm pumped about the short work week and the fact that our boss is in Hawaii, ie, no one is going to do anything all week.

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