Friday, November 11, 2011

Fetal Friday: 24 Weeks

Let's all shed a small tear that I didn't get pregnant in mid-February, because then our kid would've had a shot at the COOLEST BIRTHDAY EVER, today, 11-11-11.

Ok, tears gone.  End of February or early March will also be an awesome time for a birthday.

Anyway, 24 weeks pregnant.  In honor of the week, I've written a Haiku...

Oh, sweet Pregnancy,
Mostly, You've been good to me,
Now you tease and taunt.

How Big Is Baby?
Baby is the size of an eggplant and about 1.7 pounds.  Perhaps more interesting, my uterus is apparently the size of a soccer ball.  A soccer ball, people - that's big!

My artfully written Haiku alludes to my weekly symptoms.  As I said last week, I've had a good pregnancy for the most part (aside from some symptoms here and there).  Well, remember last week when I said I "hurt my back?"  Yeah, I don't think I hurt it after all, I just think I've entered into the back pain stage of pregnancy.  I hate to be a whiny baby, but I'm in some pain.  It's pretty much exclusively located in my tailbone/butt area and displays itself as shooting/stabbing pains if I move, sit, or stand in a weird or just any way.  I don't want to take Tylenol (I know I'm allowed, but I don't want to), and I don't want to tone down my activity level.  I tried a heating pad the other night and that felt awesome then Hank ate the heating pad.  Yoga doesn't make it feel better (in fact, sitting on the floor is really difficult), but I still plan to do it because stretching has to be good for it, right?  I'm also d-o-n-e wearing heels, which greatly increases the pain.  We'll see...I'm thinking about things like prenatal massage, acupuncture, and chiropractic help, but I haven't really looked into any of these.

Weight Gain
Two pounds this week - total gain, 14 pounds.  (I wonder if I'll be in a pattern of gaining two one week, and none the next?)

Maternity Clothes
This category is gone next week.  Yes - all maternity.  I've been wondering, though...  So usually, if you talk to a woman at the end of her pregnancy, she'll say she's ready to burn her maternity clothes because she's so sick of them.  Well, I'm wondering if I will feel the same way.  I really like all the new stuff I've got.  It's hard to think I'll be sick of them in 4 measly months (especially considering I've had some stuff in my wardrobe for years).  I guess we'll see on this one, too...

Food Aversions / Cravings
I mentioned in my weekend recap, but I was madly craving roasted butternut squash and French onion soup, so I made them.  I figured I could make the soup at home a lot healthier than if I got some from a restaurant.  Both were delish!  Fun fact: when my mom was pregnant with me, all she craved was zucchini - like, zucchini every day.  I wonder if we're just a family of squash cravers?

Last Dr's Appointment
We had one Tuesday and it went great!  We did an ultrasound to get the 4th view of the heart (which looked great!), and to get a sweet side pic of baby.  Then I had my appointment and we had our normal chitchat about how things are going.  We talked about the back pain (which is quite common), and talked about a tiny spotting incident I had after yoga on Saturday (which, again, was nothing for concern).  I asked about umbilical cord blood banking (and pretty much decided after she mentioned the $2000-$4000 price tag) that we wouldn't do that.

Baby Moving
Yes - all the time.  It feels like there's a little acrobat in there!  This category will be gone next week, as well.

What I'm Looking Forward To
-Hmm...back pain relief?  (Wishful thinking.)
-Getting the office more and more cleaned up and ready for its nursery transformation.

Preparations and Decisions Being Made
We're moving ahead with the naming process, I'd say.  I also ordered some fabric samples for potential nursery bedding.  I'm hoping this weekend we can do even more cleaning of the office.

General Mentality
It's great!  What a huge relief to know the little heart is looking good.  Now I just want to concentrate on keeping myself healthy, eating well, and active.  (And I have to say, as much as my back hurts, feeling these sweet baby kicks all day make it totally bearable.)

Here we are from the front:

And the side:

Someone else was excited to be in the picture to show you what a big boy he is!  Also, Daylight Savings might have killed our outdoor picture series unless we get home early from work or start taking them at a different time of day.  TBD.

Have a good weekend!  We're celebrating our anniversary on Saturday night (actual anniversary is Monday).


LB said...

Oooh love that outfit! Your clothes are great, no way will you be sick of them! Sorry to hear about the back pain though :( You should def get a regular massage on the books.

AmyBethJames said...

You look so cute! Okay, so back/hip pain... yeah, it just sort of is what it is. I went to the chiropractor throughout my pregnancy, and even though it was nice, even she said some pain is unfortunately par for the course. However, going to the chiropractor can help baby get in and stay in the head down position later in pregnancy, so if you are looking into chiropractic care, be sure to ask if the doctors are familiar with the Webster technique of caring for pregnant ladies!

And I loved wearing maternity clothes! Who doesn't like stretchy pants where there is absolutely no opportunity for a muffin top?!

And one more thing: here is a great article on cord blood and why private banking is mostly useless, but that you can donate it to a public bank if your hospital participates in such a program!