Friday, November 4, 2011

Fetal Friday: 23 Weeks

First things first, I just want to clarify for a second: I'm having an awesome pregnancy.  My side effects and "symptoms" have been minimal.  So even though I mention new symptoms each week in these blog posts, I'm not constantly plagued by anything, really (aside from the GI issues).  I get heartburn most nights right before bed, but it lasts for about half an hour (until I fall asleep).  I'll get night sweats/nighttime leg cramps maybe 2 nights a week, but again, I notice it once (in a completely non-debilitating way) and then it's gone the next time I wake up.  I wake up most days with a snotty or bloody nose - but it's gone after 20 minutes.

Overall, I spend the majority of my day feeling normal.  I wanted to clarify because I think some of these blog posts might make the symptoms seem a little more present than they actually are.  I also want to take a second to say how awesome it is to be 23 weeks pregnant.  It's really the perfect time, in my opinion, because things are moving right along with your pregnancy, but you're not anywhere near "crunch time" in terms of planning stuff or preparing for baby.  No baby name yet?  No problem!  Nothing ordered for the nursery?  Doesn't matter!  Haven't taken a child birth or infant care class yet?  Whatev - do it next month!  So yeah - I think I can ride this lovely procrastination for at least a few more weeks!

OK - moving on - 23 weeks pregnant!

How Big Is Baby?
One pound!  I think it said the size of a large mango (although one of the sites said there will be no more fruit comparisons since we're over a pound now that site sucks).

Thank goodness I haven't had a headache all week, which was lovely.  I did, though, hurt my back.  I think it's a combination of 100 different things - sitting in the car for 9 hours this weekend, standing for hours at the reunion, sleeping in a weird way on Sunday night, the dog yanking me around when we go on walks, and of course, the general shift of my center of gravity due to a growing belly - but I was in a really bad place on Tuesday night (like, laying on the floor moaning).  I've been resting it, though, and feel much better.

Weight Gain
None this week - still at 12 pounds.

Maternity Clothes
Oh yeah - I'm all maternity all the time now.  They're all so comfy, I love it!

Food Aversions / Cravings
No, none, but I'm going to do a blog post next week solely devoted to eating while pregnant.

Last Dr's Appointment
I have one this coming Tuesday.  Can't wait to see the little babe on an ultrasound again!  (And hopefully get the great side view we couldn't get last time.)

Baby Moving
Yes - all the time.  It's weird, too, because the feeling is moving higher and higher as my uterus grows.  Initially I only felt the kicks in my lower abdomen, now I'm feeling them up by my belly button and above!

What I'm Looking Forward To
The ultrasound next week. 

Preparations and Decisions Being Made
See my general note at the top of the post.  But actually, Jonathan performed the awesome task last weekend of boxing up all his cds in our office/library (which will be baby's room).  The room has two walls that are built in book shelves.  We plan to keep the books in there even after it's the nursery (mainly because we have so many books we need the storage), but we're trying to clear out a main portion of one of the shelving units for baby stuff.  The cds took up about 5 shelves.  This weekend I'm hoping to move everything else off of the "baby shelf."

General Mentality
Feeling good.  Not too stressed or emotional.  I'm also praying for a healthy heart on Tuesday (the reason we're doing an ultrasound again is because we couldn't get the 4th picture of the heart last time).

And here's our belly shot.  From the front:

And from the side:

Have a great weekend!

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