Thursday, November 17, 2011

Easy-Peesy Apple Danish

I've been in the baking mood lately.  But, as is always the case, I've resisted the itch because Jonathan and I certainly don't need a whole cake/pie/2 dozen cookies/cupcakes/etc. sitting around the house because we always have intentions of sharing, and then just eat everything ourselves

Then, last week, I was reading the daily Hungry Girl update and saw a recipe for an apple cinnamon danish.  Do you guys know of Hungry Girl (ie, Lisa Lillian)?  I have completely mixed feelings on her...  The premise is that she seeks out low calorie/lowfat food "swaps" for common recipes and ingredients.  So, she'll make a Hungry Girl version of stuff like fettuccine alfredo, Big Macs, pizza, sweet & sour chicken, etc.  And then she also advertises new products that are low fat/cal (stuff like protein bars, reduced fat cheese products, low cal chips, low cal pasta substitutes, etc.).  My mixed feelings are: 1) I like the idea of it - that one doesn't have to get super crazy if one is having a craving for something like macaroni and cheese; but 2) I dislike that she often uses "fake" food to achieve her recipes - stuff like artificial sweeteners and chemical dairy products (Laughing Cow, fat free half & half, non-dairy creamer, etc.); and 3) that she'll often choose low calorie over nutrient-dense (so she'd choose white Light Wonderbread over a slice of whole grain bread).

But that being said, I still read her blog everyday, ha.  And while I haven't made a ton of her recipes, the ones I have made (generally the ones without fake food or chemicals) have been pretty good.  So when I saw this apple danish and saw that it used real food for the most part, I was on board.  Also - each slice only has 160 calories - faaaaaar less than one of those delicious, fatty danishes from the grocery store.

I made it last weekend on Saturday morning - and I have to say - it was pretty darn good!  Also - it was eaaaaasy to make.  I think this would be one of those great things to make if you were having overnight company (or if it's just a random Saturday and you & your significant other want a sweet treat breakfast).

Cinnamon Apple-Cranberry Danish

I followed her recipe pretty much to a T.  I was worried the fat free cream cheese would be gross, but you can't really taste it - it just adds a creaminess to the filling.  Also, that Pillsbury dough is durable!  I was worried because I stretched mine pretty thin, but it's so sturdy, it didn't matter.  One place I ventured away from the recipe was with the "frosting" (just powdered sugar and water) - I made more than she suggests, because the amount she suggests is minuscule.

Here's my finished product:
I recommend giving this a try - it's fun and doesn't taste low in calories.

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