Monday, November 7, 2011

Daylight Savings Weekend

Man - I love the day when we "fall back" with our clocks!  That extra hour felt awesome!  All day it seemed like I had so much time.  I'm not very pumped about it getting dark at 5pm, but what can you do?

So our weekend wasn't super eventful, but it was still nice.  Some highlights:

1) A dinner party at our friends K.C. & Katheryn's house.  It was a fun night of good conversion, delicious food, and general fun times.

2) Cooking dinner on Saturday night and watching the Alabama/LSU game.  We were both cheering for LSU (sorry Bama fans), so we thought the outcome was great!  I also indulged two of my pregnancy cravings by roasting butternut squash and making French onion soup (I know - not exactly pickles and chocolate).

3) Some more organizing of the office (future nursery).

4) A very awesome activity conducted by Jonathan on Saturday - I'll blog about the whole thing tomorrow!

5) Other standard weekend activities: errands, laundry, church, cleaning of the house, etc.

I hope everyone enjoyed their extra hour yesterday.  I wonder how long our schedules will be slightly skewed to the old time...?

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