Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Baby Shower #1: St. Louis

The Saturday after Thanksgiving, we were lucky enough to have a lovely baby shower thrown for us in St. Louis.  It made our whole trip home super exciting because we not only got to celebrate the holiday, we got to celebrate our little babe!  My mom's friend Suzanne was our hostess (the woman who also hosted our St. Louis wedding shower a couple years ago).  She chooses to host these things for a reason: she's good at it!

This time around, it was held at her country club in the back corner of one of the dining rooms.  I think we had about 15 people total - mostly my mom's friends, but then also my sister, two of my high school girlfriends (Sarah and Ali) who were in town and their moms, and Jonathan.  (It wasn't entirely clear whether Jonathan was supposed to be there or not, but since he really wanted to I kind of made him, he came.)

After some chitchat and mimosas, we sat down to what I'd call a "ladies luncheon."  Fresh fruit, rolls, mini egg frittatas, mini hashbrown cakes, and bacon (I guess that's not really a ladies lunch food, but whatev).  For dessert, we had an adorable cake made by the hostess, who happens to be a master baker.  It was as delicious as it was cute.

Following lunch, as expected, we played shower games!  We had also played quite a few at my wedding shower, so I was anticipating this portion of our afternoon.

First up we had a "pin the sperm on the egg" game.  Yeah.  Seriously.

Here's Sarah and then me:

(Also, please note, my mom is just about incapable of taking a non-blurry picture.  I think I'll need to give her some lessons next time I see her because we have basically no good pictures from the shower because of this little problem.)

Next was a relay race that involved balloon "babies" and walking with coins between our legs to drop them in a bucket.  Here's my sister enjoying her extra bump.
Then there was a somewhat disgusting baby food feeding and eating game.  I thought the baby food tasted good (applesauce) but I was just so stuffed from lunch, I couldn't down a whole jar of it.  Then the other team member had to drink from a bottle.  Jonathan and I didn't win.

And after all these games, it was time to open presents.  I sort of felt the same way when we got married, but it's just so humbling to have a room full of people buy stuff for you for no reason other than they want to celebrate the happy time in your life.  We got some awesome stuff!  We got big stuff (like our carseat & extra base, a portable crib, an electronic swing, and a 4-in-1 convertible high chair/booster seat), play stuff (like an activity mat, some books, and some toys), baby-carrying devices (our Moby wrap and Ergo), and practical stuff (bath towels and washclothes, a baby bathtub, and a sleep sack).

Luckily we had our car so we could transport everything back to Memphis!

All in all - it was wonderful - and we felt so loved!  Here are a few more pics (blurry, for the most part).

Ali, me, and Sarah:
What would be cute pics of my sister and me, and Jonathan and me (if they weren't blurry):

One of the adorable flower arrangements (taken in my mom's kitchen, not at the actual shower):
And finally, since we were in a majorly Christmas-decorated country club, a potential Christmas card pic for my mom to send (albeit, not the final one - I wouldn't share that on the blog before Christmas!).
A wonderful day!  Thanks to all who attended!


LB said...

It sounds like it went great! Even the blurry pictures are cute :) By the way I really like the new hair color - very natural looking!

Sarah said...

Excellent summary of the day. Thanks for showing a pic of me from the Pin the Sperm game rather than the fake bump. Ha. Looking forward to a February birthday :)

katie said...

that bump is looking cuter and cuter every day!