Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Anniversary Celebrations

It's fun to celebrate anniversaries since it's about both of us and only us.  So not only do we each get presents, but we only buy them for us (ie, not for the 20 [$$$] members of our family like at Christmas), so it's not that stressful.  (And let's be honest, an anniversary is a great excuse to eat a nice meal and have dessert.  Mmm.)

A few months ago we found out The Pixies would be playing in Memphis on our actual anniversary.  Jonathan checked in with me about my thoughts, and while I have to admit it wasn't my number-one, must-do, can't-live-without-this idea of an anniversary night, he was really pumped about the show, so I said "what the heck - let's do it."

Knowing we had the show on Monday night, we decided to have our anniversary celebration on Saturday night.  First we exchanged presents!  The theme for a 2nd anniversary is cotton.  We decided beforehand we didn't need to try to get each other cotton items that would be lifelong keepsakes.  So I got Jonathan a cotton/cashmere blend sweater, a collared buttondown, and some socks.  He got me a tunic (which is maternity, but I think can be worn when not pregnant) and matching leggings that I picked out.  We were both happy!

Then we went to our unknown-to-me dinner location.  Jonathan had told me it was a "new" restaurant.  I didn't know if this meant new to us, or a new restaurant to the city.  I had looked at some menus online of both of the above, pretty sure I knew where we were going.  Then he pulled into River Oaks - a new to us restaurant I totally forgot about!  The fun/sweet aspect of the whole thing was that the chef/restaurateur of the place is the same one from the place we went on our first date (Encore).  Aww.

I've got to say, even though we tremendously overate (I mean, seriously overate, such that I didn't feel very well when we got home), this place is awesome!  The menu is fantastic and everything we had including the 3 appetizers we got who said that? was really, really delicious!  Highly recommend.  We followed the restaurant with a trip to YoLo to try the new "YoLo Bakes" bakery aspect of the place.  We each got cupcakes that were yuuuum.  So overall, Saturday was lovely.

Then Monday, on our actual anniversary, we both got special presents delivered to work.  Mine:

And Jonathan's:

The timing worked out well for us with the concert at the Orpheum because it's Downtown Dining Week in Memphis.  For this week only, participating restaurants are offering 3 course dinners for $20.11.  We decided to try Bleu, the new restaurant in the Westin on Beale.  Our general takeaway from Bleu was so-so.  The menu looks awesome.  And the stuff we ordered should've been awesome, but it wasn't executed very well.  I got a fish in parchment and while the flavor was great, the fish was raw in parts and had to be sent back.  Jonathan got this fab-looking pork chop with a poached egg on top...and the pork chop was raw right next to the bone.  Both of our desserts should've been delicious (mine was apple pie - hard to mess up, and his was s'mores in a cast iron skillet), but they just weren't very good.  Not sure how I feel about going back to try more of the awesome-looking menu...

Anyway, after that, we were off to the Orpheum for the Pixies!  We saw lots of friends we chatted with before the show, and when we weren't chatting, we were enjoying the people watching (which included a total random crowd of preppies/hipsters/punks/purple-haired people/oddly pierced people/etc.).

The show itself was fun.  Not being the world's biggest Pixies fan, I have a more objective take on the whole thing (while Jonathan said he thought it was "alright; pretty good").  Their music is fun and loud and rockin, so that made a fun atmosphere.  What was not so fun was my tailbone pain (which caused me to sit down for a lot of it), and the two times during the show I was convinced I was going to puke.  The first time, I was sitting down and felt this intense nausea come on and thought "holy crap, I got food poisoning from the raw fish!"  I raced out of the theatre, and once I hit the cold, empty lobby, I realized I didn't have food poisoning, I was just having some pregnancy naus from the intensely hot/crowded/smoke machine-y theatre.  I got a bottle of water, cooled off for a little bit, and headed back in.  The second time I felt the nausea was at the very end of the show (the second encore) when the lead singer was doing this cutesy goodnight thing to all the other members of the band.  It was taking foooooreveeeeer (especially considering how I felt), so I gave Jonathan "the look" and we were out of there.

It was sort of lame to have to sit for a good portion of the show, but it was still fun.  And it was ok that it was on our anniversary - maybe even good - because we essentially had two celebrations!  Yay for two years of marriage!

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Sarah said...

Sounds like a wonderful anniversary overall. Interesting take on Bleu.I wonder if it has to do with downtown restaurant week overall. Whenever I partake in downtown restaurant week in St. Louis I find the same type of results at various restaurants. I suspect it's the 3 course offering and added volume sometimes...