Monday, November 14, 2011

2 Years

Today, 11-14-11, is our anniversary!  Two years ago, we walked down the aisle and became Mr. & Mrs.
It's a little weird because today doesn't really feel like it's about our actual, physical wedding.  It did feel like that at our one-year anniversary, I thought.  At our one-year, I was reminiscing about the big day and replaying everything in my mind.  But today seems more about our marriage and the commitment of our vows, and less about the party of a wedding we had (because it was a party!).

I'm thankful we've been together almost 5 years and that we united before God, our family, and friends two years ago.  I'm thankful we've been given the gift of creation and that our family will forever change in February. 

This anniversary feels more about looking ahead than looking behind, and I couldn't be more excited for what's in store!

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Sarah said...

You two look so happy and beautiful on your wedding day. Congrats on your 2nd anniversary!