Monday, October 10, 2011


This weekend was great!

Friday night was our Shell Out for the Arts event (to which I was trying to peddle tickets a couple weeks ago).  It ended up awesome!  We got to catch up with some great friends who decided to come out, hang out in the ArtsMemphis booth (enjoying food & drink), and listen to an awesome concert.  Seriously, I think that guy, Gary Clark, Jr., might be a name we all know in a couple years.  He was written up in both Esquire and Rolling Stone this month, so maybe he's on his way there - but man!  He was great!  Overall, such an enjoyable night - with fan-tas-tic weather to top it all off.

Saturday was busy and fun.  I went to my first pre-natal yoga class at my yoga studio.  I had been somewhat hesitant to go: a) since I'm not really limited physically right now, I can just do normal yoga, and b) because I've taken a class from the teacher before and thought she talked waaaaaay more than a teacher should.  But overall, I liked the prenatal class and think I'll try to go as much as I can.  It felt less like a yoga class and more like a birth-preparation one in that we practiced "yin" yoga where you hold poses for 3-5 minutes and just did really intense hip and pelvic openers.  Let me tell you, holding a deep squat or pigeon pose, for example, for 5 minutes is not that easiest thing you'll ever do.  But as the teacher said, it's better to gradually open up your hips for a few months in preparation for the big event, since they're going to open no matter what, and having them prepped will hopefully make it better.  (And yes, the teacher still talked too much, but since she has 4 kids and talked mostly about pregnancy and L&D, it wasn't annoying to me.  Oh perspective.)

After that, Jonathan and I went out to the Agricenter to get our pumpkins. We got two beautiful pumpkins - a big orange one and a funky-shaped green one.  I'll post pics at some point.  And then after that, we went to the corn maze!  I think it's such a fun Fall activity!  It took us a little less than an hour and was mostly smooth sailing.  "Mostly" because we had a little incident where we went into a part of the maze we didn't need to be in and were walking in circles for about 15 minutes.  I was starting to get frustrated (not to mention I was hot and my hands & feet were swollen), but thankfully Jonathan remained cool and collected and we realized we crossed a bridge we didn't need to, and corrected ourselves.  Overall, a fun Fall day.

Saturday night, we weren't super energized, so we went and got dinner at Boscos, followed it with a little YoLo, and then collapsed on the couch to watch football.  Not a bad night, really.

Sunday was standard: church (where some sweet friends' little boy was baptized); grocery shopping; laundry; lunch preparations for the week; etc.  I also moved a ton of my clothes around so my main closet can accommodate maternity wear.  It was a little sad to move some of my beautiful things out and make way for huge shirts and waistless pants, but whatev, just a phase of life I guess.

It was a great weekend, though!  I hope you guys also had good ones!

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