Monday, October 24, 2011

Weekend Highlights

I've noticed that sometimes on other people's blogs, their weekend recap isn't all that interesting to read.  This makes me realize, 100%, that my own weekend recaps probably evoke the same reaction.  So to be more concise, I think I'm just going to include highlights, instead of doing a play-by-play.

So here we go, weekend highlights:

1) Trying Ethiopian food at Abyssinia for the first time.  Overall, my takeaway was good: I liked the food.  I ordered a "vegetarian combo," and while everything included in it was delicious, I wish: a) there were more warm items on my plate (my injera was served cold, the beet salad was cold, the potato salad was cold, there was lettuce & tomato in the middle of the plate, and the mustard lentils were cold) - obviously those items were best served cold, but I maybe would've been happier with a different (warmer) order; and b) I wish it was all 100x more spicy; I like spicy, I can handle it, Ethiopian is known for spiciness - bring it on!

2) A great pre-natal yoga.

3) A lovely lunch with Patti at Cheffies.

4) Cardinals freaking domination on Saturday night!  Holy crap, Pujols!  (Also a yummy dinner of Hueys takeout while watching the game.)

5) Cardinals total lack of domination on Sunday night. :(

6) The baptism of the sweet daughter of some of our friends.

7) An intense couple hours at Babies R Us starting the registry.  I need to spend some time adding stuff online that wasn't in the store, but the whole event was less awful than I would've expected.  Our Memphis store was one of those Babies and Kids combos, so I think if it were only Babies R Us, it would've been bigger and/or had more stuff in stock.  We're also going to register at, and while I haven't done that one yet, I'm hoping the prices are a little better than Babies (because, holy crap, everything was really expensive!).

8) Awe-some weather on Saturday (and Sunday afternoon).  Sunny skies with the slightest touch of chill to the air.

I hope you guys enjoyed your weekends, too!

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