Tuesday, October 4, 2011

RR: The Slider Inn

There's a restaurant in our neighborhood (at the corner of Peabody and Cooper) that's been around for as long as I've been living here, and yet, I've never been.  For quite some time, it was a lesbian bar, which I didn't patron for the somewhat obvious reason.  Then when that closed, it became a cajun/New Orleans-y restaurant, and for reasons unknown, I just never made it over there.

Well, a month or so ago, the restaurant changed hands once again, only this time was taken over by Aldo DeMartino, the brains behind the popular downtown hangout, Bardog Tavern.  And this time he decided to capitalize on trendy food (a la the explosion of cupcake bakeries in the past couple years): the slider.

Perhaps the biggest draw of this space has always been the patio, which is equal to - if not bigger than - the indoor portion.  So Saturday night, Jonathan and I planned to head over to The Slider Inn to check on wait times for the patio.  We had another dinner plan in our back pocket because we assumed with the awesome Fall weather, if would be packed.  To our surprise (and happiness because I was starving!) there was an empty table when we got there.

We popped our heads inside, too, and were impressed with the indoor space.  It's cool (sort of swank) and comfortable; it would be a great place to have some beers and snacks with friends.  We were also happy to hear that the outdoor patio is dog friendly - love places like that!

The menu is about half bar food (nachos, wings, etc.) and half sliders.  The sliders are pretty unique, too: a BLT, a chicken-based one, two vegetarian ones, and a few unique ingredient combos with a standard burger base.

We had heard good things about the lobster roll, so Jonathan and I split it as an appetizer.  Then we both got three sliders (Jonathan got a chicken one and two burger ones, and I got a combo of the two vegetarian ones).  We were really hungry - whatev.

The lobster roll was a lovely lobster salad with celery on a buttered & toasted piece of white Wonderbread. The salad itself was great - it wasn't too mayonnaise-y, so the taste of the lobster really shined through.  And the buttered/toasted roll added that lobster-dipped-in-butter element that is so, so delicious.  It wasn't enormous, so I sort of question if eating that as my dinner would've been enough food.  (But actually, given the way I felt after our meal - stay tuned - I guess it would've been ok.)

Then our sliders came out.  I got two "Veggie Reggae" and one "Vegan burger."  I think I read the menu wrong.  The reggae had all these awesome toppings: grilled mushrooms and onions, lettuce, tomato, cheese, spicy mayo, and a Jamaican pepper relish.  And then the vegan burger was a house-made patty with sprouts, avocado, and tomato (and I added cheese).  I was assuming the reggae was a veggie burger base that then had all that stuff on it, but in actuality, it was just that stuff (so more like little veggie sandwiches).  I would probably order differently next time, just because I love veggie burger patties.

But the reggae was great.  That pepper relish (which was a little sweet and a little spicy) really took the whole thing into the realm of unique and delicious.  The vegan burger patty was ok.  In no way was it the best I've ever had (not even close), but it was fine.  My main complaint was that it was a little mushy in texture.  But I liked that I could see some vegetables in it, and I think if I ordered with some added toppings on it next time, it could be a lot better.  All sliders also come with fries, which were great, and one of the highlights of the experience, in my opinion, is this basil mayo that comes with the fries for dipping.  Mmmmmm.

The sliders sit on pretty dense, white, slightly sweet rolls.  They were delicious (and definitely didn't risk falling apart with all the toppings), but their density really amped up the amount of food you were eating.  When we left, I felt full.  Pretty full, actually, but still ok.

But then when we got home (and everything had a chance to settle), I felt awful.  Disgustingly stuffed such that I was having heartburn and wondered if I was going to throw up.  That feeling lasted until about 1am.  It was awful, and actually, it makes me wonder if I'll be able to go back to The Slider Inn in the near term.  But I really, truly think it was an issue of too much food, definitely not food poisoning or anything, so I guess we could call it a user error.

And finally, the negative feedback we'd previously heard about the place was that the service was bad.  We completely disagree with this because our waiter was awesome - really attentive, friendly, and just generally a good waiter.  So check it out - especially as we're in prime patio season - just don't eat as much as me, because, ew, no one needs that much food!

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