Thursday, October 20, 2011

Mall Eye Doctor

We've been on Jonathan's insurance plan since January and it has been awesome!  Since we came off my company's insurance, we realized how freaking expensive it was - huge monthly fees and high deductibles - no dice.  It would've really sucked with all the baby stuff, I think, to have been on my plan - so no complaints we made the switch in January.

Well, they announced they were switching Jonathan's office to a new plan starting November 1, so we realized we needed to make sure we'd used our yearly benefits before the switch.  This boiled down to both of us going to the eye doctor, which we hadn't yet done on the new plan.

When I called my normal, super nice, super convenient (a couple blocks from my office) eye doctor, they informed me they don't take the new insurance.  When Jonathan called his eye doctor, same deal, they don't take the new insurance.  Hmm.  Well, who does?

I looked at the provider list online and was a little disheartened:
Walmart Vision Center
Sam's Club Vision Center
Costco Vision Center

And a few other big-box eye doctors.  I hate to be a snob, but I don't want to go to a doctor in a store like Walmart - I just don't.  Will I buy much cheaper Walmart-brand products like acetaminophen?  Yes.  Will I buy an enormous amount of toilet paper from Sam's Club?  Yes.  But will I have one of my yearly doctor's appointments in said place?  I'd prefer not to.

I had Jonathan ask around the office where people go (since I had a hard time envisioning all those attorneys going to their local Sam's Club for their vision check).  The overwhelming response was, "our vision plan is pretty much worthless."  But I refused to take that as an answer!  If we've paid for coverage for the whole year, I refuse to pay out of pocket so we can go to the doctor we want.

In doing a little more digging, I found that the eye doctor at Oak Court Mall takes our insurance.  Mall eye doctor isn't exactly ideal, but it's better than Walmart eye doctor, in my book.  So off I went yesterday.  To the mall.  Not to shop.  To go to the doctor.

When all was said and done, it did the job.  Were the facilities as clean as my other place?  No.  Did they wipe off the little thing you stick your forehead into with rubbing alcohol?  No.  Siiiiiiiick.  Were there workmen installing an air conditioner while I was being examined, shooting dust and debris up everywhere?  Yes.  Was the doctor a little bit of a redneck?  Yes.  Was his office in the mall?  Yes.

But in the end, I got my contacts and used the insurance money to pay for them.  I just paid a $10 copay (plus some add ons) to get a clean bill of eye health.  So I guess mall or not, I feel good about the decision to go there.

But for the record, I will not see any other type of doctor at a mall.  Just saying.

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