Wednesday, October 5, 2011

How I Love Thee, Sriracha

When Schnucks was having its closeout sale a couple weeks ago, I bought a bottle of Sriracha.
There's no reason, really, why I'd never bought it before.  It's not that it's too expensive or anything.  I just figured I didn't need to own it. Any time a recipe called for hot chili sauce, I'd just add cayenne or Tabasco instead.

But once we had this cute rooster-y bottle in our kitchen, I started using it.  A lot.  I found it worthy of a blog post because when we were eating vegetable curry for dinner on Sunday night, I loaded mine up with Sriracha and declared its chili taste "beautiful."  Yes, I actually said that.  But it's true!  It really is beautiful.  It's spicy, for sure, but it's such a complex spice - it manages to be spicy, sweet, garlicky, and vinegary all at the same time.  It can add so much spicy depth to a dish - even a dish like curry that already has about 1000 competing (and equally delicious) flavors.

And I also don't think it needs to be limited to Asian-y dishes.  It was great with the Indian food.  It was great with the Mexican food we had last week.  It was even great this past weekend when I mixed it with mayonnaise to dress a "chicken" sandwich.  The possibilities are endless!

Check it out - buy a bottle - and be prepared to be wowed (so much that you, too, might start calling sauces "beautiful").


Sarah said...

I love Sriracha too! Ryan got me hooked and now I always keep a bottle in the fridge. Try adding it to an egg breakfast sandwich, yum!

katie said...

i LOVE sriracha, too! mmmmm