Friday, October 28, 2011

Fetal Friday: 22 Weeks

Happy Fetal Friday!  We're closing out 22 weeks here, feeling good and getting bigger and bigger and bigger....

How Big Is Baby
Baby is the length of a spaghetti squash and weighs almost one pound!

This week brought on night sweats for the first time, ha.  That's been interesting...  I've also woken up two nights with leg cramps.  (Both of these are totally normal pregnancy things, according to the "experts," I just hadn't experienced them until this week.)

Weight Gain
12 pounds - giving me another 2 this week - good golly!

Maternity Clothes
I'm about 75% maternity wear, 25% "normal-people clothes."  You can imagine how my lack of maternity clothes is presenting a small problem.  One good thing, though, is that I think one of my pre-preg winter coats might work for most of pregnancy.  It's just super big and has tons of room for growth.

Food Aversions / Cravings
Not really - but one thing I've noticed is that my salt sensitivity has been lifted a little.  Basically, pre-pregnancy, I was one of the most salt-sensitive people you'd ever meet.  It wasn't that I didn't love salty foods (I've always been a salty vs. sweet craver), but I would just put a TON less salt on stuff than other people.  It affected me differently, too, though - I'd retain water more readily than other people who'd eaten the same amount.  Well now?  I don't feel as reactive to large amounts of salt, if that makes sense.  Like, I don't take a bit of something that's super salty and immediately think, "sick, salt bomb, my rings won't fit tomorrow."

Last Dr. Appointment
Not this week.

Baby Moving
This week was huge!  1) Jonathan felt the baby kick from the outside!  And 2) one night I lifted up my shirt when baby was being particularly active and we could see my belly move because of the kicking.

What I'm Looking Forward To
More maternity clothes!

Preparations and Decisions Being Made
It might seem lame how obsessed I've been with the registry this week, but it was just such a huge task (because it was sort of like Baby 101, in a way).  So I'm so glad it's done, and actually feel a little more comfortable with what all one needs to care for an infant.  I'm going to ride the good feeling from that for a little bit before we start making any more decisions or doing any more preparing. :)

General Mentality
Wow.  This week has been intensely hormonal!  That's the best way to describe it.  Super irritated all the time (ie, I kicked my computer at work in frustration one day and lashed out at Jonathan for not putting gas in the car another day), but then also on the verge of tears (I almost cried one day AT WORK when I heard about our crappy maternity-leave policy and then almost cried another day when I got home from work and saw how messy our house was).  I'm hoping this settles a little.

But anyway, here's what we really want - the belly shot!  It's starting to get large & in charge.  From the front:
And from the side.  (I swear it looks bigger in person...I feel like this pic doesn't do it justice.)
Can I just mention for a second about the abundance of stripes when it comes to maternity wear?  I mean, you will RARELY find a pattern other than horizontal stripes in the stores.  I think some stripes are cute (like the new top I'm modeling in this pic, ha), but I certainly don't want my whole wardrobe to have them for the next 4 months!

Ok - rant over.  Have great weekends, guys!


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I love that top! You look so cute and pregnant!! :)

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