Friday, October 21, 2011

Fetal Friday: 21 Weeks

It's been a pretty good week in pregnancy land.  Non-eventful...

How Big Is Baby?
The length of a carrot (not sure how this is bigger than a banana [from last week], but whatev).

Same old, same old.  But I'm curious to hear from other people who've been pregnant: did you guys experience sensitivity to sound?  I'm wondering if it's a hormonal thing, or if it's that the hormones are making me edgier in general, but I can't stand to listen to loud sounds.  We've been keeping the tv probably 5-10 notches lower than we did before.  And when I'm in the car, I almost can't even stand to listen to music.  It's just overwhelming - too loud and nagging.  I've been pretty much all NPR, all the time, and when there's classical music playing in the afternoon, I listen to it on super low.

Weight Gain
Don't know, actually.  Our scale's battery is dead.  Darn.  I imagine it's not pretty, though, given how much we ate over Jonathan's birthday weekend.  ****CORRECTION: 10 pounds.  I put in a new battery.****

Bigger and bigger.  (I might take this category out next week.  We can all just assume it's getting bigger every week.)

Maternity Clothes?
I need more maternity clothes!  I'm hoping when I go to St. Louis next weekend there will be some good stores.  Memphis doesn't have that many, so I've bought most stuff online, which is fine, but it's nicer to try on & then not deal with returns if something doesn't work.

Food Aversions / Cravings
I ate a lot of cake last weekend...does that count?

Last Doctor's Appointment
Not this week.

Baby Moving?
Yep - pretty consistently.  Jonathan still can't feel from the outside, though.

What I'm Looking Forward To
-Being done with the registry.
-Getting more having my mom get me more maternity clothes in St. Louis.

Preparations and Decisions Being Made
-We're getting the registry done this weekend.
-As I said earlier in the week, I found a cool site for nursery bedding, so I'm starting to form a vision about that.

General Mentality
I've been hoping all along that I wouldn't experience body image issues while pregnant.  And I'm trying suuuuuper hard not to go there in my brain, but I think this week was the first time I looked in the mirror and sort of thought, in the back of my mind, "ew, fat."  I know, I know...  I think after a week of good eating (since we ate so much restaurant food and cake last weekend) I'll be in a better mental place, and can hopefully push those negative ideas out of my head.

And here are some pics in yoga clothes, where you can really see that big belly.  Note it did get cold in Memphis on Tuesday (temps in the 40s & 50s), so in this pic, I'm grossly underdressed for the temperature.  I just didn't want you guys thinking we were spared from the cold front that swept through the middle part of the country.

The front:

And the side:

Enjoy the Fall weather this weekend, I know I will.  We actually had to turn on our heater!  (Although I have no doubt we'll see 80 degrees again before Winter.)


katie said...

ummm...i see NO fat in those pics. relax! the baby wanted cake...and i'm sure enjoyed it! :)

Sarah said...

Even if I can't feel baby kicks from the outside, I'm super excited to touch that baby bump next weekend!