Friday, October 14, 2011

Fetal Friday: 20 Weeks

Whoa - we're halfway there, ohhhh, livin on a prayer...

20 weeks down, 20 to go (although this end might feel a little longer since 2 weeks of the first 20, I wasn't actually pregnant!).  But regardless, in 20 long short weeks, we get to meet our little lady or dude!

LB asked me last week if I felt like I was entering the really good stages of pregnancy (ie, my stomach is suggesting I'm not just fat, but is still not so big that I'm uncomfortable, etc.).  I think, honestly, I might be approaching the end of the good phase - my prediction is that in the end, weeks 15-24 will be my most fond.  Because as my belly grows and grows, so do some of the unpleasant symptoms everyone talks about.

So - on to my week...

How Big is Baby?
Baby is the length of a banana.

-starting to get heartburn more frequently
-getting headaches almost daily (not super bad ones - sometimes it's just a hint of a headache)
-feeling general pressure in my lower abdomen - just as if everything is packed really tightly down there
-starting to get tired again - not tired like, "I didn't sleep well last night" but tired in the 1st trimester exhaustion sort of way.  I need to try not to overdo activities - and this week was full of days packed with multiple physical activities.

Weight Gain
According to doctor's scale, 9 pounds.  Right on track-ish (the pregnancy website says 10 lbs at this point).

It's growing & growing!

Maternity Clothes?
Many of my "normal" skirts are still fitting fine, but maternity pants only.  (And I like wearing maternity shirts because they make my belly look bigger. :)  Note: the only time in life you want that!

Food Aversions / Cravings
Not really.  Just trying to eat healthy.  I had a lot of peanut butter this week.

Last Doctor's Appointment
I had one yesterday and we did our 20-week ultrasound!  It was so great to see the babe on the screen!  The last time we saw him/her there were just a bunch of blobs.  Now there's an actual, tiny person in there.  Seeing sweet little hands and feet pressed towards the camera just about melted our hearts.  Brain development looks good; organ development looks good; spine development looks good; no cleft lip; and we have 2 arms, 2 legs, 10 fingers and 10 toes.  Baby wasn't cooperating with us, though, because we were only able to get 3 of the 4 pictures of the heart we needed.  He/she just wouldn't turn to the side, no matter what we did (I even tried walking around to get him/her moving).  We'll have to wait until our next appointment to try again - so, 3 of the 4 heart pictures looked good.

Baby Moving?
Yes!  What a joy to feel little pushes from the inside!  I swear some of them are so strong I can feel them from the outside, too (if my hand is on my belly), but Jonathan has yet to feel one.

What I'm Looking Forward To
-more people undeniably knowing I'm pregnant (because of belly)

Preparations and Decisions Being Made
We had a pretty productive conversation about names the other day, so that's good.  We looked at a daycare and filled out applications for other ones.  And I think I'm going to start the arduous task of researching stuff we need (ie, which carseat is ranked highest for safety, stuff like that).  I also spent maybe half an hour looking through bedding sets for a nursery (and didn't really like much I saw [unless it cost $500+]).

General Mentality
Seeing the little baby was soooo reassuring!  I think in the back of my mind, I was worried there were two heads or something weird (since we hadn't seen him/her since 7 weeks!).  And I'm so happy with what we saw!  I wish baby would've cooperated for the 4th heart shot, but I guess we'll wait another 4 weeks for that.  It's also nice feeling the kicks and nudges; they remind me there's a little person in there.  So I'm feeling good right now, for the most part, which is a nice place to be!

Note: when we were in the ultrasound room, Isn't She Lovely by Stevie Wonder came on the radio - Jonathan thinks it's a sign.  We'll see...

And here's the belly.  I have on maternity pants and a maternity shirt.  The lighting is a little weird because we got home too late from an event to take a picture outside (and I can't stand the way pics look with the flash on).

From the front:
And from the side (although something about the shadows doesn't do it justice, I don't think:
I hope you guys have a great weekend!  We're celebrating a very special future daddy's birthday!


Tippy said...

responding to your bedding concerns...

don't waste your money on anything too expensive. It is recommended that bumpers either not be used or be removed once the baby can pull up (they are apparently good and using them as stepping stools). For younger babies they are a suffocation risk and depending on how dense they are - can reduce air circulation around the crib.

And the quilts are also generally too heavy and a hazard. ha. poor babies.

So perhaps just get a really cute fitted sheet and then do a cute dust ruffle that is adjustable? And then of course use one of those amazing swaddling blankets. That's what a ton of the design blogs I read have done for their babies. And they are soooo cute!! I can send links if you like. :)

Tippy said...

*good at using as stepping stools.


katie said...

aaaahhh! that belly! i love it!

AmyBethJames said...

Yesss, I second everything your friend Tippy said! Do you know anyone who can sew? Because I am a completely novice sew-er and I made the fitted sheet and crib skirt for Hudson's crib myself. It was super easy even though it was only like the second project I've ever sewn.

The best swaddle blankets are the Aden + Anais blankets! Hudson has about 10 of them and they are worth every penny. They have a slightly less expensive line at Target and the only difference I notice is that the fabric is just a teensy bit sturdier. I actually like this because it keeps the swaddle nice and tight.