Friday, October 7, 2011

Fetal Friday: 19 Weeks

I debated whether I should post this week or not.  Not for lack of desire, but more because nothing is all that different than last week and I don't want you guys to get bored with these updates.

But whatev - I guess the documentation is good - and it's sort of fun to review my week. 

So...19 weeks.

How Big is Baby?
Baby is the size of an heirloom tomato.  My uterus is the size of a cantalope.  And apparently my heart has to work 40-50% harder to support the new life and all the new bloodflow in my body.  Crazy!

Any New Symptoms?
-a headache in the afternoon if I don't sleep well the night before or eat crap the day before (crap = the 2.5 cupcakes I had this week)
-minor heartburn (can't wait for this to turn into "major!")

Weight Gain
Same: 6-7 pounds, depending on the day.

I think it grew this week.  In fact, I think it's starting to look a little big.

Maternity Clothes?
Actually, yes.  My "real people clothes" are starting to fit less and less.  Pants and suit jackets (buttoned, at least) are done-zo.  Any skirt that was big before fits fine now, but if it fit well before, it's too tight.  Shirts are still ok (but it's more fun to wear maternity shirts because they're cut in a way to emphasize the belly pretty flattering-ly). 

Food Aversions / Cravings
Craving arugula this week.  (Which is better than craving chips [and cupcakes]!)

Baby Moving?
I guess I'll go ahead and say "no" since I can't 100% confirm.  But there are lots of little feelings going on in my lower abdomen all the time.  They could be the baby...?  The other night Jonathan and I laid on the couch and held a flashlight up to my belly hoping to get him/her to move.  Apparently the baby can now perceive light and dark and they say if you hold up a light, the baby might cover his/her eyes or move away from the light.  There was no discernable feeling after that, though, so who knows.

What I'm Looking Forward To?
The ultrasound next week.  And all the other stuff I've been looking forward to the past couple weeks.

Preparations and Decisions Being Made
Ha ha ha.  We actually did have a tiny conversation about baby names the other day.  We each shared a boy name we liked...and neither of us liked the one the other suggested - so much for that!

General Mentality
Really wanting to see the little guy/girl move around on the ultrasound next week.  I know that some women don't feel them move until 21 weeks, but I think it would be reassuring that all was going ok in there if I could feel some movement (and confirm that's what I'm feeling).

And here's a belly shot.  First we have a front view (doesn't really look like anything).
And then the side shot:
I need to do one next week in maternity clothes (which sort of emphasize the belly a little more).

Have a good weekend, all!


LB said...

Love it! You look great!

Claire said...

Great dress! And, yaaaay for little belly.

katie said...

aaah! so so cute!