Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Birthday Weekend!

We had a fun and eventful weekend celebrating Jonathan's birthday!  In fact, there were multiple things we did that were out-of-the-ordinary and/or in celebration...

Friday night we went out with some other couples to celebrate Jonathan and our friend David's birthdays (yay joint celebrations!).  We started with drinks at Beauty Shop and then headed over to Cortona for dinner.  We ended our dinner with the delicious snickerdoodle-flavored cake I'd ordered from Muddys - they describe it as cinnamon brown sugar cake with cinnamon buttercream - can't go wrong with that!

Saturday night our celebrations continued for just the two of us.  We had a quick dinner at Bari (which was absolutely delicious, as always) and then went to Playhouse on the Square to see Avenue Q.  Not sure if you guys have seen this show or heard anything about it, but basically it's a puppet show musical - and is quite R-rated!  Not a family show!  But we loved it - I recommend you Memphians try to check it out - it was hysterical and the acting/singing was wonderful.  The very first line of the show is "what will I do with a B.A. in English" - so it had me from the start (and let's be honest, it had Jonathan, too, because a B.A. in English could easily be swapped with a B.A. in history). :)

Sunday was the actual birthday.  We skipped church in the morning and instead tried the charming new breakfast/brunch/lunch place in Cooper Young, Stone Soup Cafe.  I can't say enough great things!  It was created by some of the people who were a part of Buns on the Run back in the day, and it's even better!  It's in a cute little house, the food was great (hello home-baked bread), and the service was quick & good.  I'll definitely be back maybe next weekend

After brunch, we went to the zoo and enjoyed the lovely weather.  And at night, we had dinner with Jonathan's parents at Grove Grill.  It was delicious and fun to celebrate with them.  When we got home from dinner, we were able to tune into the Cardinals domination and watch them secure their spot in the World Series!  Woo hoo!  So proud to be from St. Louis!

Overall, a great weekend!  In addition to birthday celebrations, I managed to squeeze in pre-natal yoga and a fun Fino's lunch with Megan & Miles (Katie's sister & soon-to-be brother in law), who were in town for a wedding.  It was so fun to see them and catch up on everything (and eat Fino, obv.).

I hope you guys had good ones, too.  Gooooo Cards!!


LB said...

I just realized we're going to have a personal conflict with the Cardinals v. Rangers series...

katie said...

sorry, lb, but GO CARDS!! :)

also, you should see if the new breakfast place does the whole cakes like the ones from buns on the run. MAN, those things were so good...and cheap!