Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Baby Gear

I've got babies on the brain!  Big time!

So in an effort to actually get some stuff planned for the new person who will join us in February, I've been researching stuff to put on our baby registry.  (I'm just getting the registry ready because it needs to be done.  It has nothing to do with the fact that the invitations for our first shower in St. Louis need to be printed asap and therefore need to have registry info on them.  Nope.  It's nothing to do with that.  I'm just on the ball.)

Anyway, sweet, sweet friends who have done this before me have been most helpful.  It's one thing to read a product's review, but another to actually hear from the mother of a 1-12 month old about whether that item is a) necessary, and b) good quality.

So - for anyone reading my blog who hasn't already weighed in with me - what are some of your "must have" recommendations and/or "can be skipped" erroneous things.  I know it's different for everyone, but for a first-timer, it's nice to hear everyone's recs and then weigh them out myself.

I'm hoping that in doing extensive, time consuming some research on the front end, I can save myself the registry "situation" that happened in Macys when we were doing this for our wedding.  (Basically, we walked into Macys, the first place we were going to register, and were handed a registry gun.  We decided to go to the pillow department first.  I started looking around, realized there were about 1000 different pillows available, had a panic attack, and we had to leave.  We did all the rest of our registries [except for a local Memphis store that didn't offer the option] online.)  I'd like to avoid as many panic attacks as possible when getting ready for baby.

In other exciting news, I spent hours yesterday designing nurseries! offer Carousel-brand bedding and you can "Design Your Own" perfect nursery.  It's awesome because you can plan everything about the room (the color of the crib's wood, the paint on the walls, the paint on the wood trim, the flooring in the room - basically everything, so you can see exactly what it will look like in your house).  I think we'll end up buying from here, but no official decisions have been made.  And just for the record - we WON'T get a bumper.  I've read all the research, too, guys (and those things are freaking expensive!). :)

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LB said...

Ooooooh you should post pics of some of your favorite designs that you do!!!!!!