Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Yuck, Blah, The Sickness

For the past 3-4 years, I've been really lucky to avoid sickness, for the most part.  People at work would be sick, I'd be healthy.  Jonathan would get sick, I'd stay healthy.  It was wonderful.

(I was also a freak about it - when someone would mention sickness, I'd pull out antibacterial wipes and wash my hands 300x/day.  And similarly, when Jonathan got sick, he was quarantined out of our bedroom and not even allowed to touch me.  Yeah.  I'm hardcore.)

So I sort of wondered about pregnancy and sickness.  With the baby due at the end of February, I'll basically be in a compromised immune system situation for the majority of cold and flu season.  And in case people don't know, you can't really take many medicines while pregnant.

But generally speaking, I'm not a big medicine-taker to begin with.  If I have a headache, I don't reach for the Tylenol, I reach for a huge glass of water and an apple.  If I have a stomachache, I lie down and drink some water.  If I have cramps, I rock out with a heating pad.  Medicines make me feel weird (and I don't love how they're just masking a problem that probably needs to be addressed otherwise).  But the general exception is if I have a cold.  And in that case, I dive into the Nyquil/Dayquil, Tylenol Cold, Afrin, you name it, I'm up for it.

Fast forward to this past Sunday when I woke up super dizzy and had some postnasal drip going on.  I attributed the dizziness to pregnancy and the drip to allergies (since the weather has been crazy up & down here).  But as the day went on, the drip got worse and worse and I feared it might be more than allergies.

By the middle of the night on Sunday, I was full-on sick and feeling pretty bad for myself.  (Imagine thrashing around in bed, whimpering, moaning, etc.)  I woke up in the morning in a bad place, so I took a sick day from work to lay around and sleep a lot.  I also did a little research once I was awake and learned that Tylenol is ok in pregnancy, so even though I wasn't able to treat the stuffy nose problem, I could at least address the headache/bodyaches/mildly sore throat with the acetaminophen.

I'm feeling a little better today, but am pretty freaked out for the rest of cold/flu season (since it's only September!).

One thing that did help me through the day?
I think this is the generic brand of Diet Squirt, but my store didn't carry Squirt and I was dying for some citrus soda!


Kate said...

Love all the pregnancy posts! Just had to add my 2 cents since I know the dreaded sickness during pregnancy is ROUGH. I bought a Vick's Personal Steam Inhaler (official name...just googled it) at CVS. It is SO helpful when you are all stuffed up and can't take anything. I would use it for 10 minutes in the morning (I think that's right) and it helped a ton! Also, if things got bad, I took chlortrimeton (never heard of it but it's been around forever and they think it's safe). Google it and see what you think. I think I only took it once or twice but it helped when I had been sick and miserable for a while. Happy pregnancy!

Jackie said...

Interesting about the personal inhaler... I saw that at the pharmacy today, but ended up going with normal Vicks because I didn't really know what the "PSI" was about. Hmm - I might need to check it out tomorrow!