Monday, September 26, 2011


Finally, finally, Memphis got some rain!  We've had this awful dry spell for pretty much the whole summer, and last night, the rains finally blew in!

Aside from this lovely weather miracle (at least our plants think so), our weekend was great!  It was our church's annual Sole to Soul weekend, which is planned by the recreation committee.  Jonathan is at the end of his 2-year term as head of the rec committee, so it was a busy weekend for us.

Friday night was trivia at the church.  There were teams of six people, and basically everyone comes, brings food, decorates their tables, and we do about 10 rounds of trivia.  It's a pretty fun night every year (even though Friday night at church might not be everyone's cup of tea), and this year was no different.  Our team did pretty well, actually, and came in 2nd (or maybe 3rd - they don't really announce anyone but the winner, so we weren't entirely sure).  It was a fun night, though, it made me wish I was better at trivia.

Saturday morning was the annual 5k.  Jonathan had to get there at 5am to set up, and I had to be there at 7 to volunteer, so it wasn't an awesome Saturday of sleeping in, but whatev.  Jonathan then ran the race and I stood on the corner cheering people on and steering them in the right direction.  Overall a fun event with a bigger turnout than year's past.

After our early morning (and a Fino lunch), we pretty much spent the rest of the day on the couch watching football.  I went to the mall at one point to pick up some maternity wear.  But other than that and going to pick up frozen yogurt, we stayed planted on the couch all day.  All.  Day.

Glorious Sunday morning after church was the annual potluck.  It didn't disappoint!  Mmm!  Even though we spent a ton of time at the church the whole weekend, it was really fun and made me happy that we have such a fun and loving church family.  Everyone knows about my pregnancy and was so happy and interested in hearing all about it.  I'm excited that we get to raise our kid(s) in such an awesome and nurturing atmosphere (with a TON of other kids).

Sunday afternoon, we decided to venture out to the Shelby Farms dog park.  It was awesome!  It's basically this big park area (with lakes and trails) where you're allowed to have your dog off leash.  Hank loved it!  It was actually really encouraging to see him not act like such a big scaredy cat.  He was interested in playing with the other dogs (and not too afraid of the people).  And he even got into the lake to swim!  We'll definitely go back!

Sunday night we had dinner with Jonathan's parents at the University Club.  It was a nice end to a nice (busy) weekend.

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