Thursday, September 29, 2011

Terra Nov

This week has been a little crazy on my end!  Work's been somewhat busy; but then Monday night I had a Junior League meeting (which lasted waaaay longer than normal [and at which I thought I'd puke - but that will be a story for "Fetal Friday"]), and last night I had book club.  When I'm both busy at work and busy at night, my little, ole blog gets ignored.

But what about Tuesday night, Jackie?  Couldn't you have written one then?

Well - no.  Tuesday night, after exercise, cooking, and dinner, Jonathan and I plopped on the couch for the DVRed 2-hour series premiere of Terra Nova from last week.  (Yes, it's the one about the dinosaurs.)

Have you guys heard of this and/or did anyone else watch?  I'll admit that I wasn't really on the up & up about the new Fall tv shows that were premiering (except the ones on NBC because they advertise constantly when I'm watching the Today Show).  But Jonathan mentioned Terra Nova as one he'd like to give a try (we're also giving Person of Interest a try, but they're still on the DVR), and so we buckled up for a 2-hour premiere.

I knew nothing about it going in, except that it was about dinosaurs.  So to my delight, I learned in the first 5 seconds that it's a Dystopia of sorts!  My fave!  It takes place in the 22nd century when Earth has been just about destroyed by humans and is on the verge of being inhabitable.

I have to say, the first 15-20 minutes were great!  It immediately gripped you and made you invested and interested in the story (which centered around a family).  "Terra Nova" is a place where they're sending a limited number of select Earthlings (in waves) to live.  Once you go, you can never go back to Earth.

Since all the previews feature the dinosaurs in "Terra Nova" (and not the dilapidated Earth), you can probably guess that the family makes it over there away from Earth.  So we then see their first full day in their new world in the 2-hour pilot.

Overall, I was a fan, I think.  It was action-packed, and we've been given just enough info about the characters to make me want to know more.  We've also been given just enough hints about some of the mysteries of this new world that I'm interested in hearing more.

Some things that weren't great: the writing (sometimes - that is, the dialogue, not the actual writing of the plot); the set (sometimes - because for the most part, it was shot in some lush, tropical place, but there were a few scenes where the characters were clearly standing in front of a blue screen and tropical paradise was superimposed in the editing room); and some of the actors.  But I guess when you have a huge cast, it's almost impossible to not have a bad actor or two in the group, so we'll let it slide.

Anyway - maybe watch the pilot online if you're interested in a new show - I think this one might be cool because come on - dinosaurs!

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