Thursday, September 8, 2011

So Long, Farewell Schnucks

Schnucks is a St. Louis grocery store chain.  When I was growing up, my family shopped at the one right by our house.  And in general, it's a pretty good store there, especially the new one right by my mom's house which, in my opinion, could easily compete with Whole Foods

Well then in the early 2000s (maybe 2003?), Schnucks expanded its St. Louis-only chain to, of all places, Memphis!  I was excited when it first came here because I thought the Schnucks chain might clean up the Union Avenue store they'd just bought (the main non-ghetto Midtown grocery store).  I thought wrong.  I'm positive I've complained about Midtown Schnucks on my blog before, so I won't get into it again.  But in short, it's awful: small, cramped, horrendous parking, often un-stocked, etc.

Last week they announced Kroger bought all the Schnucks stores in Memphis.  I heard the news from a co-worker and didn't really read any of the news stories about it or anything, and actually, I didn't even really think of it much longer than that moment where my thoughts were, "hmm, ok."

So we got back from our Labor Trip late Monday afternoon and I had no energy to do anything, let alone drive all the way out to Whole Foods to grocery shop.  And our week was a little weird anyway with Jonathan's work travel schedule, so I figured I could run to Schnucks and get a couple things that would last us through the week.

I walked into the produce section and it was empty.  Like, barely anything on the shelves.  I had accidentally left my phone at home or I would've taken a picture to show you guys.  But it almost looked like some kind of joke.  Or it looked like the power had been out for awhile and they had to throw away the refrigerated stuff.  I had no idea what was going on, so I went up to one of the employees and said, in a half-joking, lighthearted way, "where's all the food?"  She gave me a look of death and said, "well I guess it's still up in St. Louis."  (Add rude employees to the list of negatives about Midtown Schnucks.)

Then the whole Kroger buyout situation dawned on me.  I had totally forgotten and also didn't think it would be such a quick turnaround.  I then overheard another customer talking with a nicer employee about what was going on and he informed us that the last day for Schnucks to be open is Friday (like, tomorrow).  So they're selling everything at deeper and deeper discounts each day until they officially close their doors then.  The man then said, "so you guys are going to close, then Kroger will remodel and reopen?"  And the Schnucks employee was like, "I think you might be thinking a little ambitiously about the whole thing."  Awesome.  Kroger is buying out the crappy store and will just keep it crappy.

But all this to say, I'm feeling slightly apprehensive about the whole buyout.  Even though I do the majority of our grocery shopping at WF, there are certain staples I buy at Schnucks every week, too.  What if Kroger doesn't stock those things?  I don't think I can live without 100 calorie packets of Wholly Guacamole!  Also, I'm not that pumped that Kroger will now have a huge monopoly on our grocery store market in Memphis.  That's never good.

What I am pumped about, though, is going to Schnucks on the last day it's open to hopefully score some awesome deals on non-perishables! So I guess it's sort of a win/lose situation. I'll keep you all posted!


LB said...

I don't think the Krog will keep that store so crappy. Unfortunately the footprint is so tiny that there's not a lot they can do unless they want to buy the lot next door or something, but the inside should still feel like a Kroger.

AmyBethJames said...

That stinks! I hope they at least make it into a nicer Kroger. We had Publix recently (well, in the last 5 years or so) move into the Nashville area and LOVE them much better than our Krogers, although they are typically more expensive. But I'm usually okay with that for the quality and the customer service. They still push your cart out to your car and load everything up for you!

Tippy said...

you should go buy diapers. :)