Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Shell Out For the Arts - Do It!

Memphis Friends:

Jonathan and I are a part of the host committee for "Shell Out For the Arts" next Friday night (Oct. 7th) at the Levitt Shell.  We're big lovers of The Shell, and when my friend who works at ArtsMemphis heard that, she roped us into asked us if we'd be interested hosting. 

(Just kidding on that.  There was no roping.  We're actually super excited to be a part of this.)

Anyway, it takes place next Friday and will be really fun!  It's basically like any other night at the Shell (that is, you can set up "camp" wherever you want with whomever you want [there's not a specific section for the Arts people], and you can enjoy the music and peoplewatching as you usually do), but in the back of the Shell will be a tent set up where, before and during the show, you can eat all you want from Fratelli's catering, and drink all the wine & beer your little heart desires.

We'd love to have tons of friends come and help us support the Arts!  100% of ticket sales go to ArtsMemphis.

Tickets are $20 per person and kids under 12 are free.

If you're interested, let me know!  You can either get your tickets through me, or I can send you a link where you can purchase online (and put our names in the comments section as your friends on the host committee).

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